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Want to call voltage hunters

You know the people who wander through airline terminals, looking at the bases of walls, hunting for a previous power outlet into which they can sink their electric teeth?

Perhaps we should call them ampires. [Tags:]

5 Responses to “Want to call voltage hunters”

  1. Or Wherevolts?

    Yup. Ampires is better.

  2. Doc once suggested “earwalking” or “oarwalking,” for “Electricity Access Reconnaisance walking” or “Outlet Access Reconnaisance walking.”

  3. Do we KNOW these people? Dave, we ARE these people, are we not?


    P.S. Great term. I’m definitely using it. May even claim I thought it up …

  4. Some ampire friendly airports:

    Portland, Oregon (PDX): Free worktables with power (in concourse C) and free wifi.

    Albuquerque, New Mexico (ABQ): Laptop tables with power strips and free wifi.

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