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Best MacBook shell?

People seem to like the Speck case for the MacBook, but there are some worrisome reviews at Amazon about dust getting trapped and scratching the MB, and about the difficulty of removing the case without scratching the MB.

Granted that there are bigger problems in the world: Nevertheless, do you have a recommendation for a shell for the MB to protect it from the harsh winds of time?

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3 Responses to “Best MacBook shell?”

  1. When I bought my MacBook Pro in January with the intent of taking it to a conference, the vendor suggested a case. My wife’s response was “I have several at home – let’s check those first.”

    What I decided on and with which I have had no problem is the Nine West tote with an insert sleeve that just fits the MacBook. There is space for the power adaptor/charger and cord in addition to some other compartments that work well for me.


    Medium cargo with sleeve. These cases and system are really nice, and customer service and web site a terrific.

  3. I agree. Waterfield Designs ( gear is superb. I have this one, and I love it:

    I also have their camer case for my digicam. It comes with a mountaineering clip for hooking onto a strap, etc. (The clip isn’t in the picture as far as I can tell.)

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