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Ethan on live blogging

Ethanz, who is in the pantheon of live bloggers, has a detailed post explaining how he does it. I think he intends to pass along the tips and tricks that will encourage others to live-blog, but it actually seems so daunting that it may have the opposite effect. And among the tools in the live bloggers kit bag that Ethan does not mention are: his rare combination of analytic and sympathetic skills, his breadth of knowledge, his awesome writing skill, and his patience.

I like live-blogging. (I do it far worse than Ethan does; you’re always better off reading Ethan’s posts than mine.) But I find it very tiring. I fairly predictably poop out after lunch.

Ethan also writes a beautiful appreciation of our friend Henok Mehari, who has just finished up his internship at the Berkman Center. All I can add to what Ethan has said is: Amen. Henok’s story is amazing, and, most hopeful of all is that he is only really at the beginning of it. [Tags: ]

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  1. > I fairly predictably poop out after lunch.

    What a relief — I thought it was just me!

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