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BBC digital initiative

At my Everything Is Miscellaneous blog I post about the BBC’s Digital Media Initiative, an internal effort to enable the BBC to work digitally better, and make better use of its digital assets. [Tags: ]

5 Responses to “BBC digital initiative”

  1. It is a bit of a sore point as to whether the BBC owns those ‘digital assets’ or the licence fee payers do.

  2. Btw, in the title of your new book, Everything Is Miscellaneous, what does the Is signify?

  3. You can hide (from Philosophy), but you can’t run (what does the Is mean?). – Achilles the Tourtise

  4. Might it be like saying “hen panta”? Is that the gist (logos)?

  5. I would not say that BBC is miscellaneous, rather they started a new project to be on shape of modern technologies!

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