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Things that happen to your body when you’re not looking

I think I “run” faster when listening to my iPod because I have it cranked it up so loud — I have middle-aged hearing loss, also known as “Why do today’s youth mumble? It’s a sign of disrespect!” disease — that it masks the sound of my panting. That can’t be a good thing.

In only vaguely related news, I find fascinating the explanatory hypothesis of why we have out of body experiences. If I understand it (and there is no chance that I do), the idea is that the brain constructs the sense of having a persistent body by synthesizing the various streams of internal and external sensations. When those streams fall out of synch, the brain, which would rather be wrong than confused, synthesizes a body standing slightly outside of the one it’s actually in. Ah brains! Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em! [Tags: brain ipod exercise aging middle_age out_of_body science ]

2 Responses to “Things that happen to your body when you’re not looking”

  1. I noticed the same thing about young people mumbling. They didn’t used to do it, wish they’d stop.

  2. About that iPod, Dave, please do not run while wearing it if there is the slightest chance of lightning. My neighbor was recently killed by lightning while pulling weeds in her back yard (details at The EMT said it appeared that the lightning was drawn to the earphones and then to the iPod on her hip, where it shattered her hip bone. I also heard about a jogger who survived a lightning strike while jogging with an iPod but suffered a broken jaw. This is lightning season here in Florida.

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