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Google Phone 2 weeks away????

Rediff reports speculation (= rumor + fantasy) that the so-called Gphone is only two weeks away. This fantasy phone (oh please oh please oh please) would presumably be open to developers in a way that the iPhone isn’t.

Yes, I’m rumor mongering. But it made me feel happy for a good eight minutes this morning. [Tags: google iphone apple wifi earthlink ]

And just because every happy rumor has an equal and opposite fact to spoil it, Earthlink has laid off 900 of its 2,000 workers, and seems to be getting out of the muni wifi business.

3 Responses to “Google Phone 2 weeks away????”

  1. Why would you want one from google, who have only slight dedication to open source, when you can have this:

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  3. how much is this so called phone. i heard £108 but i thought that was cheap and were will you be able to get it from. email me back the person who has the most information about it on [email protected]


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