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Beginner to Beginner: Camera not recognized by computer

My digital camera stopped being recognized by both my MacBook (with the latest version of OS X) and my Windows laptop. I tried lots of things, including many reboots and various photo import programs. I was on the verge of ordering a card reader when I tried a second USB cable, even though the first one worked without any problems when plugged into a mouse that uses a removable USB cable for its cord. With the new cable, the camera was recognized by both the Mac and Windows machines.

I may be missing the relevant factor here, but since the first cable continues to work fine with the mouse, all I can figure is that thickness matters. The first cable is one of those thread-like jobbies that come with a spring-loaded winder. The second cable was a normal USB cable.

Assuming that that’s the factor, does the skinny cable not let enough electrimification through? Oh, pity the poor humanities major! [Tags: tips mac windows cameras ]

2 Responses to “Beginner to Beginner: Camera not recognized by computer”

  1. After 4 years of use my camera to mac firewire cable stopped working.

    It was the last thing I checked.

  2. It’s possible that the cable works for the low bandwidth of the mouse but fails when asked to work at a higher speed by the camera.

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