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Lego and web 2.0

I’m in Aarhus, Denmark, listening to the only English presentation of the day (besides mine), which is a terrific talk by Mark William Hansen about Lego’s embrace of Web 2.0. E.g., four days after Lego launched MindStorm, the software had been completely redone. “We could have gone after them with a lawyer,” he says, but instead “We embraced the changes.” The adult hobbyists, who had been a “shadow market,” with Web 2.0 have become key because they drive enthusiasm and stretch the product. Lego is working on “Lego Universe”: A social world in which you can build with virtual bricks and play with them online with others; the planes will fly and the boats will sail. [Tags: lego play web2.0 ]

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  1. The story isn’t that completely straightforward; they’ve had a lot of hiccups along the way. Sadly, the slideshow I did for Eric Von Hippel discussing some of the issues is lost to the digital winds, but nutshell is that Lego was very conflicted, and at one point threatened various parties with trademark infringement suits, amongst other things. But yeah, they’ve certainly got it- the Wired article discussing their beta program for Mindstorms 2.0 is excellent if you can find it.

    (ex-LegOS hacker and mindstorms 2.0 beta tester.)

  2. Thanks for the tips. Hopefully it’ll be on the web somewhere soon. Wired had an article on Lego Mindstorms and the web some time ago. See

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