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The future of content

Martin Weller has an excellent article on the future of content, presenting an economic and a quality argument for why it’s bound to be (in my terms) miscellanized.

This is the first in a “distributed blogging” experiment that will have three other bloggers responding. [Tags: content publishing books clay_shirky martin_weller long_tail chris_anderson everything_is_miscellaneous ]

2 Responses to “The future of content”

  1. I can see it already.

    “Organizing and filtering of this miscellaneous content has been brought to you by Pepsi Cola”.

    Think that’s silly? We already have the Cellular One call to the bullpen, the Chevrolet halftime report, and the Charter Communications double play. Within a few years we’ll have the Kimberly-Clark huddle, the Pfizer X-formation, the Verizon audible, and so forth.

    And who knows how quickly other areas of “content” will embrace the concept. Marketers will have their product placement no matter what.

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