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Loic Le Meur‘s startup, Seesmic, seems to be off to a twittering, buzzing start. Mike Arrington likes it. It’s in a closed alpha, with 150 people in it, and I haven’t seen it, but you seem to be able to record and post videos, with some stuff to make it easy to find videos. Arrington talks about it as a video twitter.

Loic (who is a friend) is recording a video a day, marking the progress of the company’s launch. Overall, this is some fine Web marketing. [Tags: ]

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  1. You know… they have one major flaw in that they are using a black background. I guess it’s going to be a ‘guy only’ site, because women tend to click right out of a site that has a black background. It’s unappealing and difficult on the eye.

  2. Thanks Dave, I am sending you an invite by email. I have to say this is more of building the product with the first users than marketing, even though it may look like that. We are really listening and building. I can’t remember who wrote that in Markets are conversations :)

    Mom of a lego kid, thanks for your feedback, we will have a way to change the background.

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