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Kindle and openness

Harvard Business Review online is running a brief post of mine on why Kindle may end up as an open device, and, more generally, why there’s often competitive pressure for openness.

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5 Responses to “Kindle and openness”

  1. Or, since it is essentially a marketing tool, it will be discounted in hopes of Amazon making more money from the transactions it generates.

    Now that Kindle is now in backorder, savvy consumers will have time to reflect on how useful this product really is and sales will dwindle. Or they won’t and prove P.T. Barnum right.

  2. I’m a bit relieved that it’s back-ordered now, as I was having a hard time deciding whether I liked the Kindle more than I hated it.

    Interestingly, I’m not sure about the rest of the MBTA system, but my stop to/from work, South Station, is plastered (every available surface and then some) with ads for the Sony Reader.

    Bottom line? Competition is good! And I can wait, to see how this shakes out a bit – just as with the iPhone.

  3. I agree that the backorder status is a good thing. It has given me reason to pause.

    I’ll probably purchase a Kindle eventually, but having to wait for new stock has forced me to read a lot more about the product, and I think I’ll hold off until a second-generation Kindle arrives.

    I assume that the Kindles that are currently on backorder will be exactly like those already sold. Sure Amazon wouldn’t already tweak the product, would they?

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