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Facebook user poll: Privacy, please

The Wall Street Journal did a poll of 200 Facebook users (which doesn’t sound like a very significant number). Theresults:

If Facebook could tell your friends what you do on other sites — buying movie tickets, clothes, etc. — when would you want to share that information? Of the 200 respondents, 1.5% chose always, 30.5% chose often, sometimes or rarely and 68% chose never.

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2 Responses to “Facebook user poll: Privacy, please”

  1. The NY Times article today makes the Facebook idea of Beacon sound awful to me. Telling everyone what you bought? The final example of the Christmas present non-surprise takes the proverbial cake. They really need to make it simple to opt-out. I admit I am not a member of Facebook, so maybe I don’t understand the concept.

  2. Facebook is a beautiful website!

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