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EMI reducing its sue-our-customers budget

From the DigitalFreedom site:

EMI done paying to prosecute its customers

What happens when the people you pay to represent you, stop acting in your best interest? If you are EMI – one of the largest record labels in the world who has recently come under new ownership – you stop footing the bill. The RIAA has spent millions of dollars to alienate and even prosecute its customers and apparently at least one of its Big Four members is beginning to wonder why and at what cost.

It has been reported that British label EMI is considering a significant cut to the amount of money it provides the trade groups on an annual basis. “EMI, along with each of the Big Four record labels contributes approximately $132.3 million to fund the operations of the IFPI, RIAA, and other national recording industry trade groups. That money is used in part to fund the industry’s antipiracy efforts—including the close to 30,000 file-sharing lawsuits filed by the record labels in the US alone.”

Today’s announcement should come as no surprise to anyone, and certainly not the RIAA. EMI has been at the forefront of understanding their customer’s needs and wants – leading the way in the recent movement away from DRM locked music, and opening the door to customer choice and content flexibility for,, and even Microsoft who now offers millions of DRM free songs.

The RIAA has publicly acknowledged that their strategy to ‘combat piracy’ is costing its members millions with no end in sight. Let’s hope the RIAA gets the message EMI is trying to send and puts their resources back into serving the best interest of its members instead of prosecuting their customers.

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