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Why I got bumped at LeWeb

It was my fault. I missed (somehow) the email that said to check in by the left of the stage half an hour before my talk. I therefore went by the printed schedule and thought I was just supposed to climb onto the stage when it was my turn. But the printed schedule was wrong, and so they were pretty surprised when I climbed onto the stage at what was no longer my appointed time, and when they had thought I was a no-show. (In fact I was in the hall all afternoon, and standing by the wrong side of the stage, which makes the whole thing more frustrating.) My fault.

Loic offered to put me on after the UN folks were finished, but I thought it was right that the conference end with the UN Web project to educate nine million child refugees. I still think that was the right decision, but, in any case, it was my decision, not Loic’s.

Still, I’m pretty bummed. I worked hard on this talk. But it was an excellent conference with some great hallway networking and sessions.

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33 Responses to “Why I got bumped at LeWeb”

  1. That’s why most conferences have a speaker room and liaison to make sure that somebody knows every speaker’s face before they speak!

  2. Why not just do it by video? Most of us are not at LeWeb3 anyway so I would love to see your talk on video. I think there should be a service that weaves together a virtual conference around a subject with videos from selected ‘presenters’. Hallway function could be met with discussion forums I think.

    YouTube-ish way of associating related videos can’t pack group attention tightly enough to evolve a loosely coupled group’s state of mind.

  3. It was such a shame to miss your talk. I waited for it the whole afternoon. I think The whole audience was waiting for your talk. I would have had you come up, just before Pangea, even if it was out of turn, and yes I agree that a proper speaker coordination would have avoided this mishap…everyone in the audience defintely expected you to come up at least after Pangea or at the end, to bring the conference to a climax again. Something could have been done there I am sure. So you were not alone thinking that you were speaking at that time. It was a big loss. Please give your talk on Video! See you next time David.

  4. Indeed it was a pity that you didn’t get a chance to give your talk. But I agree, please do it on video!

    I also think that it would have helped if some of the organizers would have been in the backchannel on IRC. But then again I guess most of them are quite busy without IRC already.

  5. Glenn, they’d sent instructions that I managed to miss. Email overload, I assume. They were scurrying around looking for me.

    I will do a video next week when I’m home sweet home. What’s the obvious Mac way to record a keynote preso with a narration?

  6. Yes, do it by video – maybe they can then link it from the Le Web 3 video archive.

    Just watching your presentation from 2006 as I missed last years.

    I thought this years conference was excellent; sorry I didnt bump in to you in the hallway, but maybe next year! ;-)

  7. No, it was not your fault. Efficient conference organizers plan for last minute problems and ensure _all_ parties are informed in the change before it is made.

    They also inform speakers when they check in about issues, such as waiting by certain parts of the stage.

  8. It was my fault. We had 110 speakers on stage during two days and messed up one, one of my best friends, you. I apologize again David.

    Fortunately best friends also understand mistakes even when they come from the other side of the world to join them and share their knowledge.

    LeWeb3 has been this year a 1800 people from 40 countries event organized by 2 halftime people, Geraldine my wife and Cathy Brooks, with my help.

    I guess we will need a larger team last year. Something had to go wrong, it has fallen on you and I regret.

  9. Hi David, that’s a pity we did’nt see you at the conference. :(
    We would have interviewed you as we did for Doc Searls (The User is the platform of the future.)
    Next time i hope.
    And yes, can we have your talk in video?
    Best, Jean-Rémi

  10. David, I commend the Flip pocket video camera that distributes as a casual recording device. If (as I recall) you have a recent Apple laptop, you can follow some of the hints in this O’Reilly story

    for using the built-in camera to record motion. Save your presentation as a QuickTime movie, then intercut some of the slides with your narration (not that we can ever get enough of watching you).

  11. That’s kind of you, Loic, but it wasn’t your fault. It’s possible it wasn’t anyone’s fault. In any case, it happened and life has managed to go on.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Akma.

  12. For the video: if you have a big monitor, film yourself in iMovie while you give the talk next to the big monitor :-)

    For added fun, grab in a few people from the street to act as an audience — talking in front of one’s computer isn’t quite the same as talking to a room full of people, obviously.

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  14. David, I’m one of the italian guys that met you at the end of the conference. Just want to thank you anyway for being there. I hope to see you soon, I really would like to hear one of your talks.

    As for the video, my advice is to export the keynote in Quicktime or maybe in jpg images, then import everything in iMovie and dub it with your voice. Should you be in trouble, contact me by mail, I would be glad to help :)

  15. I just cannot believe that such things happen … where was the flexibility 2.0 is requiring??? But such is life!
    I think making a video would be great or a podcast … So you could use your presentation as pictures “under your voice” … Hope to see you on another conference live, David. It was actually because of you, why I came to Paris … best regards, Ulrike

  16. Ulrike, the UN folks had a train to catch, so I couldn’t be inserted before them. And although Loic wanted to have me speak after they left, it was my decision that it made sense to let the conference end on the high note from the UN speakers. What they had to say was far more important than what I was going to say, and I didn’t want to distract from that.

    I’m sorry for the trouble I caused you. Send me an email and we’ll figure out a time to talk, if you’re like.

  17. David and Loïc,

    I spoke to you both as this was happening, hoping beyond hope that there was a solution.

    Actually, I thought of little else for the rest of the evening. David was a highlight last year and I desperately wanted to hear what he had to say this year.

    David, please take your time with the video, we’ll wait for you to find someone to help you do this rather than you feeling the burden that you have to rush something out quickly.

    Thanks to both; and hopefully see you next year.

  18. btw, you can also put up your slides on and put an mp3 along with it to create a slidecast.

  19. David, you are so polite! Of course the UN topic is one of the most important topics mankind has to solve.
    Are you in Berkeley in the beginning of next week? Can we talk then?
    I think it’s great that you will put your presentation online! Thanks for that!
    Best, Ulrike

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  21. Since we were so many to have been desesperate by your no-talk, that is probably the best demonstration of the critical importance of the “unsaid” that you have so well demonstrated at Defrag ;-)…Looking forward to your video and to meet you soon

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  24. David and Loic,

    apologies, I hope I didn’t contribute to this by going long on my preceding talk?

  25. What a pity not to see you on stage, David. We were actually waiting to you after Pangea. And all type of rumors started to circulate around the room. I think karma was lost for a while. Next time, you should try it anyway.

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  27. Tom, the problem was totally independent of your talk going long or short.

    Nice to meet you there…

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  29. Twas a bummer. Your presentation was a key reason I made the (long) trek from the West Coast (though spending some time as a flaneur in Paris was a close second). I’ll look forward to the video. Now that you have a Mac, it should be somewhat easier to create a replacement for your presentation, though I’m sure nothing beats the real thing live.

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  33. shit happens :) and i agree with Christian Scholz. Do it by video.

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