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Dreyfus on Heidegger

Hubert Dreyfus’ lectures on Heidegger’s Being and Time are available for one and all. I haven’t heard them, but back when I was studying (and eventually teaching about) Heidegger, I found Dreyfus to be exceptionally clear and helpful. (Don’t ask me about Dreyfus’ Internet theories, though.) (Thanks to Tom Morris for the link, and for the fun on the LeWeb back channel) [Tags: hubert_dreyfus martin_heidegger being_and_time philosophy ]

8 Responses to “Dreyfus on Heidegger”

  1. i haven’t heard these either, this is fantastic

  2. Like a Christmas present. Thanks.

  3. thanks for the heidegger lecture pointer.

    may i add that i noticed you were wearing a particularly nice new dark suit in a video i saw of you but can’t point to at the moment.

    you were wearing it, as opposed to that horrendous mustard coloured sport jacket that wore you and was terribly distracting. i suggest you drop that old one off at the pine street inn, stat.

  4. madame l, I suggest you adjust the color on your monitor. I do not own a mustard colored sport jacket. Perhaps you were misled by actual mustard on my sport jacket.

    In any case, I appreciate your approval of my new blue suit.

  5. Heidegger thru Holderlin benefits greatly from pictures.

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