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Beginner to Beginner: Getting Nvu to work for a second Mac user

I’ve been having trouble getting Nvu — an open source HTML editor — working for the second user on my Mac (Leopard). It works fine for user #1, but for user #2, it refuses to launch unless I become root in the terminal and launch it from there. After a lot of messing around with permissions and multiple re-installs, I found that while there is no Nvu folder in “/Users/user2/Library/Application Support,” there is in “/Users/user1/Library/Application Support.” Renaming that folder didn’t have any effect. So, finally I copied the Nvu file from “/Users/user1/Library/Application Support” to “/Users/user2/Library/Application Support”. Now when launched from within user2’s desktop, Nvu asks if you want to create a new profile. I said yes and it seems to work.

And here’s an important note: I don’t know what I’m doing. This “tip” may prove fatal. I am especially puzzled by the fact that changing the name of the Nvu folder for user1 didn’t seem to make a difference. I also don’t know why when user2 launched Nvu, it was checking user1’s environment. In short: I’m flying blind here, and my tip” may be the tip of a sharp stick with which you poke yourself in the eye. [Tags: nvu ]

5 Responses to “Beginner to Beginner: Getting Nvu to work for a second Mac user”

  1. Are both U1 and U2 admin accounts?

  2. Yup, both are admin accounts.

  3. It seems as though that Nvu made an application support folder in U1’s account instead of at the root level b/c there was only U1 account. My suspicion would be that if you had U1 and U2 installed at the same time, the support folder would have been created at the root level for all users. It seems like a bug actually, b/c the support folder should be at the root level regardless of the number of users if the program needs all users to have access to the folder.

    If you want to try experimenting, move the application support folders from their current locations into the trash (but do not delete). Restart the computer and relaunch Nvu from either account to see if it does create the support folder at the root level. If it doesn’t, I’d file a bug trac on it. (Actually, I’d file a bug trac either way).

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