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2008: The Year of Scale?

The Harvard Business Review blog ConversationStarter asked a bunch of people what they think the issues for managers will be in 2008. Sean Silverthorne has compiled a list.

I wrote about the need to deal with a world in which customers, information and relationships have all scaled.

(Note to self: In 2008, try to use the phrase “got big” rather than “scale.”) [Tags: ]

5 Responses to “2008: The Year of Scale?”

  1. Hi dave, following your twitter. If you’re trying to install XP SP1 into parallels, you need to hack something. Let me know if you can’t find it as I can dig it up.

  2. Jason, I’ve given up on parallels. Now I’m struggling to get VMWare to recognize my boot camp installation, and failing. In any case, I have XP SP2 installed.

    Thanks, though.

  3. Beth says we can pretty much avoid scale problems if we:
    * Always use clean pots and planters when repotting
    * Always use sterile potting soil, NOT garden soil
    * Isolate new plants for a month or so, and check them frequently for signs of insects or disease.
    * Promptly remove dead flowers or leaves.
    * Give the plant a bath now and then with a soft cloth and a little soapy lukewarm water.
    * Examine plants now and then, don’t wait for them to start looking sad. Use a magnifying glass to look for mites

    She also notes that proper feeding, care and fresh air make a healthy plant which is more resistant to insect problems.

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