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RIAA: Put down that CD and back away slowly

[NOTE Dec. 31: The Washington Post article I based this blog post on is wrong. Thanks, Shelley!] The RIAA continues to ratchet up its claims for what we customers are allowed to do with music. According to this Washington Post article, the RIAA is now claiming in a law suit that a man who has 2,000 legally-purchased CDs is not allowed to copy those CDs onto his computer.

What next? Will the RIAA claim that were not allowed to play CDs loud enough for our neighbors to hear? Listen on speakers because people who did not purchase the CD might listen along? Look at our CDs funny?


7 Responses to “RIAA: Put down that CD and back away slowly”

  1. As I’ve said elsewhere, you do realize that there is a great deal of debate that the Washington Post’s reporting was accurate on this. And that the RIAA is suing because the music files were found in a Kazaa publicly accessible shared folder.

    I’ve read all the court documents, those posted online and through PACER for the rest — the RIAA is not suing the man for ripping music CDs to his computer.

  2. Thanks, Shelley! I’ve amended the post.

  3. I wish I knew where Shelley’s elsewhere is — her blog doesn’t have it.

    Meanwhile, it is fascinating how the dogpile just gets deeper and deeper on the WaPo comment thread. The folks who point out that it was the public sharing of the files that is the cause of action are simply ignored. Amazing.

  4. “wish I knew where Shelley’s elsewhere is — her blog doesn’t have it.”

    At Mathew Ingram’s and drums n whistles and a few other places.

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