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Buying Yahoo is the Vista of business plans

There are lots of reasons Google is not only the most important single company on the Internet, it is in many ways the defining Internet company. Among the most significant reasons: It’s got the creative rhythm of a BS session among the five funniest people you know. Think it, say it, top it, move on. Except with code, not jokes.

Want to slow this process down? Acquire another company. Especially a really, really big company. Especially a really, really big company that is in strategic disarray.

I’d say that I don’t know what Microsoft is thinking, but I actually think I do. Microsoft is thinking about the economics of consumers. Google is in an economy of creators.

We all want healthy competition for Google. But it now feels more like we’re watching evolution than competition.

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3 Responses to “Buying Yahoo is the Vista of business plans”

  1. This looked to me like just another of Microsoft’s diversification through acquisition. When you have a vault full of money, this is cheaper and easier than actually creating something that probably won’t work.

  2. God, David. Its’ so good to read you… :-) Funny, lucid, simple.

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