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Global climate disruption

That’s what Jock Gill calls “global climate change,” ne� “global warming.”

Good phrase.

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2 Responses to “Global climate disruption”

  1. Somewhat related…

    Work starts on Gulf ‘green city’ – the world’s first zero-carbon, zero-waste car-free city (

    Doesn’t that sound like the “Going to the Moon” project of our time? The only difference – it’s Abu Dhabi starting the project – not the US.

    I wonder – is Obama enough like John F. Kennedy to be able to come up with something that would fire up the imagination and the energy of a generation?

  2. David,

    Actually, I got “disruption” from Greg Craven’s new video on YouTube.

    INDEPENDENCE, Ore. — Often, the kind of videos that blow up on YouTube involve scantily clad girls, or stupid pet tricks. But a nine-minute, 33-second video on the perils of global warming made by Central High School science teacher Greg Craven has zoomed to the top of the YouTube heap, with 4 million views worldwide.

    It hit me so hard I had to use it.



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