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Ah, the good old days of Friendster

John Palfrey has dredged up a Village Voice 2003 article on Friendster. The article characterizes the site as a place to find dates and to check out people you might want to date. The idea that a social networking site could be a place for actual social interaction had not yet surfaced. Of course, the fact that Friendster’s founder would throw condoms out into the crowd as the official Friendster tchochke contributed to the perception of what the site was about.

Interesting to read the article now.

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One Response to “Ah, the good old days of Friendster”

  1. Maybe Friendster is only where it is today because of the manner in which it launched? I guess we can’t attribute to cunning that which can more easily be explained by naivety…

    On the other hand, perhaps Google’s gmail service was launched as a better e-mail service, but is actually biding its time for the moment it can introduce social networking features (having long figured out who is talking to who and what about).

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