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Thank you, Hillary

I can’t remember a primary like this one.

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2 Responses to “Thank you, Hillary”

  1. While some are saying this is the beginning of Hillary’s concession speech, it is marginally possible that it is a tipping point toward another surprising turn in this primary race.

    Just when you cringe at her scripted “change you can xerox,” she comes out with something human and noble, even.

    If she loses the nomination, how about Hillary for Leader of the Senate? She has had an unfortunate tendency to cave on some key votes, but with a bigger majority, maybe she would be bolder than Sen. Reid. And she is an incredibly hard worker, and says a lot of the things that need to be addressed.

  2. Yeah, it’s a bit sad that this was just a ruse. Hillary was just looking for her stride on how to attack Obama. Her generosity was nothing more than a ploy. I wonder if she is trying to deliberately make him lose in November 2008, so she can try again in 2012. One would think so, given the level of demagoguery the Clintons are using even now in West Virginia.


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