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Comcast’s real-world denial of service attack

Comcast has sort of admitted that it stacked the audience at yesterday’s FCC hearing with paid seat-warmers. More here and here.

sleepy seat warmers

Since over a hundred people were turned away, this papering of the house is not just a bad joke. Although it also is a bad joke.

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  1. This uy might be able to hel.

  2. sorry spilled coffee.


  3. omg

  4. Thanks for the excellent coverage of this event. I don’t know how you can liveblog that well. I can barely keep up with my quasi-legible longhand notes.

    I was kept of of the first part of the hearing by the Comcast DOS, but I did attend the last 3 hours of it.

    My write up is here:

  5. Thanks, John, but I’m actually a crappy live blogger. I just take an inaccurate, partial transcript. If you want to see some good live blogging, check Kevin Parker:

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