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Apture multimedia link widget

At the Berkman – Annenberg Re:Public Media conference at USC, I ran into Tristan Harris who was at the event to drum up interest in Apture. Apture lets a site owner easily insert links to multimedia content. This post is full of them. It is extremely slick as an editing tool: Drag select any text and it pops up a window with lots of different things to link to, including Wikipedia and any YouTubes it’s found. It’s in private beta right now.

Seems appealing so far, but I’m just getting started with it…

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One Response to “Apture multimedia link widget”

  1. Hi David,

    From a design standpoint, the Apture tag breaks up the reading path.

    Too many of these things, and the time to read a paragraph seems to double or triple.

    I wonder if there is a way to indicate an Apture window without breaking up the reading path?

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