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Vilna Shul isn’t miscellaneous

I’m giving a talk on “Everything Is Miscellaneous” at the Vilna Shul (which is habitually prefaced with “historic”) in Boston tomorrow, Tues., starting at 6pm. If you want to go — and as of now I’m thinking I’ll give my plain ol’ “Misc” talk — please RSVP to dougat

UPDATE: I think I’m instead going to talk about knowledge in the age of the miscellaneous, and in particular as if the Internet is Jewish.

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  1. Just had the pleasure of a personal tour of the Vilna Shul on my last trip to Boston (that was for Opening Day.). A cousin is a docent and has been instrumental in its restoration. Sorry I can’t join you tomorrow there, tho I have urged him to come.

  2. David, Thank you for this post. I live in Vilnius, Lithuania, but I never knew of the Vilna Schul. And I even read Dovid Katz’s book “Lithuanian Jewish Culture”

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