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Mac issue: Where’d my network go?

My new new Mac (a white one) is well, except Finder doesn’t see my family network. To be more exact, there’s no “Network” icon listed in the sidebar of Finder. If I go to Finder’s prefs and toggle “connected servers” or “bonjour computers” on and off, there’s no change. But, if I go to Connect to Server and tell it to connect to smb://, which happens to be the static IP of a network storage device, it finds it fine, and shows it to me in the Finder. It likewise finds smb://honkervista, which is my big, Vista-crippled machine.

I’ve tried making random alterations in the system config network panel, since that traditionally has forced empty network panes to fill up properly. Not in this case.

Should I really have to be mounting these machines by hand?? TIA…

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8 Responses to “Mac issue: Where’d my network go?”

  1. Hmm… I’ve never seen Network icon in Finder… but then what I do is simply mount the volume, create an alias to it (rightclick > Make Alias) and then doubleclick that to mount the volume in the future.

  2. Hmm. The volume’s rightclick menu doesn’t include Make Alias, and that choice is grayed out on the File menu.

  3. I had a similar problem. To fix it I created an application to connect to the server.

    further details here:

  4. Sigh… David, you’re never getting near my Mac… :)

    So just to make sure we’re talking about the same actions:
    1) in the Finder, press Cmd+K or go to th e Go menu and choose Connect to Server…
    2) Enter the server or IP address and click Connect.
    3) Select a volume to mount and let it mount on the desktop
    4) Right click that volume.

  5. I was with you until you said “let it mount on the desktop.” I rarely see my desktop. I’ve been letting mount in the Finder, where I don’t get an Alias option.

  6. By on the desktop I don’t mean the folder called Desktop, just the view you boot up to.

    Here… I grabbed the demo of Screenflow. Sorry about the ugly huge water mark, but check this out to see what I’m talking about:

    Do you get a Get Info option? If so, what info does it show for the volume under Sharing and Permissions (at the bottom)?

  7. Can you drag the server icon onto your Dock?

  8. (I’m on the road. I’ll try out your suggestions when I get back on Sunday. Thanks!)

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