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I’ve been rocketboomed…

Rocketboom is running a synopsis of my talk on fame at ROFLcon. (Does that make me meta-famous?)

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  1. Hello Professor Weinberger, I’m a longtime fan who loved your talk at ROFLCon and the follow-up coverage (to me, you’re much more than meta-famous). And speaking of that, I’ve been wondering whether we could do a better job of attribution for the “famous to 15 people” quote often used as a touchstone for web fame, especially since you and others have addressed but not put to rest this issue before. I wrote about this here:

    A commenter made the necessary point that due credit is really all we have in free culture and new, mashed up fame. Shouldn’t we set the record straight on this important quote? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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