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Keynote 08 to Powerpoint 08

The latest version of Keynote exports files in Powerpoint format that the latest version of Popwerpoint can’t read. Charming.

A discussion board pointed out, however, that if you strip out all the presenter notes from your Keynote file, the exported Keynote file will indeed open in Powerpoint. I tried it on one small file, and it worked.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to strip out all those notes. And I haven’t seen anything from Keynote about an update.

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5 Responses to “Keynote 08 to Powerpoint 08”

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  2. How…. cute.

  3. In a pinch you could export to pdf then view in full screen mode for the actual presentation (Preview on the mac supports this, I think, and I’m sure Acrobat Reader on Windows does as well)

  4. I have been running into this as well. I have been looking for scripts to automate this. But, it is looking like I have done my last required powerpoint for a while (video presenations do not work with Keynote yet).

  5. Looking f or a good way to export our charts/graphs that are done in Keynote to PowerPoint. when we export using just the standard file conversion the type sizes and the layout all get mixed up…

    Any silver bullet for this?


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