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Harvard Law goes Open Access

The Harvard Law faculty has voted unanimously for an Open Access policy based on the one that the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences passed a few months ago. Yay!

John Palfrey, Harvard Law’s new vice dean for library and information resources (and, of course, the soon-to-be-former exec dir of the Berkman Center) gets to implement this happy policy.

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  1. […] agree with David Weinberger: Yay! Congratulations to everyone […]

  2. […] some of these differences are confounded by power – those in power often tend to favor the status quo and everything that stabilizes the status quo. the older one gets, the more one tends towards conservatism and order. there is this classic “common sense” knowledge that young people tend to be more progressive and become more conservative over the years, with an interest in decreasing tax rates as one gets older being the main intervening variable. there are exceptions – people in power, who still favor change. if cynical, one can read this in a deterministic way as well, if you believe that these exceptional people in power realize that change is the way to stay in power. but if less cynical, one can read this as those in power realizing its responsibility towards society, to lead. consider how harvard law school is adopting, no, transforming itself, towards a policy of open acces…. […]

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