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Zenzuu: The social network with a one-track mind

So, I was chatting with the driver of the limo my hosts in Las Vegas kindly supplied for me. When I said that I write about technology, he told me about his startup. It’s a social network that he’s confident will knock FaceBook and MySpace off the map. So, when I got back home tonight, I took a look. The Zenzuu explanatory page consists of a 6-minute video right off of late-night cable.

The pitch is that if you check into Zenzuu 30 times per month, they’ll give you 80% of the ad revs. And if you sign other people up, you’ll get a cut of their ad revs. All of which is fine, and reminds us of the absurd amounts of money we users generate for the social networks we use. But Zenzuu is so focused on the revenues that the video doesn’t mention a single feature of the site.

The fact that all the ads on the site are for Zenzuu itself pushes it over the edge into self-parody.

By the way, would you surprised to learn that Zenzuu’s privacy policy seems to suck, although I’m not sure because it’s in a font designed by and for squirrels.[Tags: ]

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  1. Haha, this is the best part:

    “Zenzuu is an advocate for global consumer privacy rights, protection and security. ”

    I totally believe that.

  2. What’s sad about this is that their basic concept of rewarding content contributors is a noble approach and I’ve heard Flickr talking about doing something like this down the road. In effect, those that drive the most traffic to the site, actually benefit from it. So if YouTube did this and someone made a creative enjoyable video on their own with their own money, then they could get a “reward” in return for their work, so they could continue creating additional content for people to enjoy.

    This guys approach is obviously all wrong though. Like you said, it’s all about “Money! Money! Money!” which is the wrong approach (it should be “Content! Content! Content!”). Even more so he looks and acts like a used car salesman. You wouldn’t trust him with your grandmother…or your personal information.

    The approach he should be taking is this.

    1) Create a great social networking site
    2) that attracts a lot of people because it’s great to use
    3) and then finally start rewarding their best contributors.

    I mean rushing right to #3 is useless if #1 is a crappy experience.

  3. Did you know that MySpace did over $70 MILLION in advertising sales in March of 2008!

    Did they share any of that money with you? I know I didn’t get a check!

    There is new Social Network that works just like MySpace but they are paying their members 80% of the advertising revenue just for referring your friends and business contacts! And the best part is it’s 100% FREE!

    Check it out! You got nothing to lose cause it doesn’t cost you anything!

  4. lol ‘erika’ what a way to promote your zensuu site. btw i looked at that website and it had nothing but scam scam scam written all over it. if people actually believe this crap that they’ll actually get money from them lol then they get what they deserve. damn gullible people

  5. I am a member of Zenzuu. I have done a LOT of MLM stuff. If it turns out NOT to be what it is all cracked up to be (which I think it is) I haven’t lost anything.
    If I can remember to get back to you in August I will tell you what was loaded on my debit card.

    I must admit that the video could be toned down a notch. Seeing is believing. I am putting as much into Zenzuu as I put into MySpace, BlackPlanet, YouTube.
    Nothing BUT time!

    Email me around mid – late August 2008.

  6. zenzuu sounds interesting, but it’s going to take me 3 days to read the Terms & Privacy.! Something made me stop signing up when I read what they want from you, SS# and CC # and all your info. If I could use my PayPal account so they didn’t need my Personal Info I might hitch a ride. I’m ready to try some new things I can do from home. Perhaps I will sell all my Mom’s (RIP) Shoes and Handbags on E-Bay! That will keep me busy for a while!!

    Bea Pludow, Canine Behavior Specialist

  7. The idea is good but i don’t trust the guy in the video, plus he’s talking about its users earning 1000’s of dollarsa month. If 1 million users earn just $100 each in 1 month thats $100million dollars, another comment on this page says that myspace only earned $70million in 1 month and zenzuu is not in myspace’s league. Giving your user’s a slice of the action is a good idea though, maybe just divide 80% by its number of user’s and you might get more popular than myspace or facebook.

  8. I’m going to address all of the comments on this page in hopes not to convince anyone to join Zenzuu, but to help anyone Reading to make judgments that are made on being more informed in any aspect of joining any social network or business venture on the internet, that for one always requires personal information to be given, to a no face page. First think about that. Myspace creators, as creators of all of the popular social networks started out with a dream of making tons of money. They also started out with no concern of financial compensation directly from them to its’ members. The difference between the creators of Zenzuu and a few other social networks popping up like it, is that they are at least trying to include, they have taken in consideration before launching, (and Zenzuu doesn’t official launch until August 1st), how to reward participants for helping them to make success of their site. As stated by one of the readers of this page, Myspace has recently grossed 70 million dollars in the month in March 2008. Now this is an address that has manage to go from one million dollars a year to 70 million in what about 4. Multiply that by 12 months and divide it by 80% and 2 million users. Revenues change month to month, but it is the potential people, the potential of getting on a ground floor of something that could very well end up in the ranks of what some multi million dollar social networks have become. True, the man in the video may look like an average joe. The truth of the matter is that he probably is which becomes quite interesting because now you have someone that represents exactly that, the average joe. I can tell you from experience being a little older than the original myspace owners that many business professionals, lonely at heart and all over 35 who first looked at those young genius, thought myspace was going to be fad and obviously a place that was not going to be able to generate dollars for advertising. We see what has happened since that misconception. If you take the time out to watch the video on the Zenzuu page access to information about its’ features is on the same page. We must remember to still read in an era where visuals have become almost more important than common sense. In investigating Zenzuu, an event, situation or story, before making a conclusion; even if it is to just to defunct it; one should have as much ammunition as possible. In the case of the Zenzuu advertisement, simply going into the Community tab will further explain information on the websites features as well. As a video producer and content specialist, it is a fact that in making a video such as the one Zenzuu has created, the importance of the message to be conveyed in the advertisement,
    is not to explain how much the features there are alike, but different. It is not the job of the video to explain everything that is already explained in writing or through graphics on other pages. Also, almost everyone on this page right now finding or being referred to Zenzuu is already on a social network posting content and know what social networks offer as far as being able to do that, so what would be the sense to enforce you can do the same thing and how there. That’s already understood. So is not making money from any other site; a reason of interest way one would lock into the Zenzuu site any way. So what more do you want to hear about when you get to the site? Now depending on how deep one wants to look at how some people post, there are young people spending hundreds of dollars to post and daily or monthly information and videos and not getting more than a vanity stroke for it. So in locking into Zenzuu, the information outside of free and postings is simply a discussion on how to make money from it. So the video covers what it should. Legality is legality, all sites must have privacy statements included… I do not believe that in reading over Zenzuu’s policy contracts… they are any longer. Especially thinking about reading over Myspace’s policies and conditions. As for personal information being distributed on the internet, I would personally suggest that all internet users obtain an EIN from their state. It is a free quick process that can be done through snail mail, on the net or by phone. You don’t have to have a business and can be used in place of a social security number. You may want to consider getting an paypal account also, which by the way Zenzuu does accept! Paypal is free also. In the case of an EIN, you can call yourself an Home Administrative if you are working at home on the internet and want to consider what you do as a business. Credit Card? I know I didn’t give up any credit card information to join. Where was that?! My opinion about Zenzuu is not what it is, but what the possibilities of its financial rewards could be for me and my reps. Any amount to me is funding for something else. I’m not looking to become financially free or wealthy from it in weeks. Although, alot of money is definitely possible. Trust? You can trust that people who are extremely wealthy, that may invite you to join them on a financially escapade a promise to make millions like themselves are going to get thousands out of you first before you even get to the possiblity of success following their methods and will be paying them for the rest of your life to get to the next level that will change as soon as you get there costing you 1,000’s all over again. Recently, I know of a friend that travelled out of state spending a couple of thousand dollars to involve themselves with a SURE shot venture, and thousands joined him, just to get there hyped to find out it was gonna cost him a good maxing of a few credit cards if he had them, to in actually inact the program, he thought he already paid for. Don’t be tricked by visuals, by good looks and just talk. At least, try a venture for a few hundreds or FREE. I have weighed the investment against the profit and have decided that $100.00 more a month for involving myself for free, for a little effort, that I need for any venture right now, pays for maintaining my websites, more gas or oil for the winter or a host of other simply things, a free $1200.00 a year can supply. Even more, that’s on the thought of a possible immediate payout that I wouldn’t expect to get until about 3 months, and traders would get this, for my expectations is that many people would pull out before the ecstasy. I missed out on Verizon. Myspace will never pay me, and I am certain in the early part of my posting on the site, I spent hours doing so that certainly was more than 30 openings and closings of my content pages. I can do less on Zenzuu, still run my other residual businesses and eh, visit my other social networks too while being a sponsor to a great bunch of reps who have like minds that have joined my group because they want to learn as much as they can about building websites that will make them residuals, make them money for the rest of their lives, especially on automation, the only true way to become wealthy and build an empire. I’m launching a site later tonight: and you can also go to later today, I would suggest because I’m updating. As a matter of fact, I was doing so when by chance found this forum. I felt it paramount to speak. Not for the sake of Zenzuu or my own credibility but because of all that I have stated in hopes that anyone who reads my statements finds benefit in them for different areas of their decision making in life. As a Zenzuu sponsor, I want to add before I close, I want your readers to understand a couple things about the format of Zenzuu also. When you go to a person’s page, keep in mind what you are seeing is friends. It is possible that some of the friends you see are indeed reps under the person whose site you are on, but unlikely. A person’s downline can not be seen by anyone but the owner. So, if you see a site that has say, 2,400 friends listed, this is not directly referring to the amount of people that signed up under that sponsor. In the reverse, a page could have 5 friends listed and 120 reps. I would suggest that other than curiosity or taking a chance on a sponsor, that one takes in consideration what it is that they want to get, supply or do with an opportunity such as networking on a site like Zenzuu besides thinking about a check they may or may not receive of their liking in a time frame they have decided to expect. On my downline, I have a very very well known artist that I have communicated with on ONE of my 4 myspace (yep) pages for quite sometime yet have never met who joined on with me within 10 minutes of being prompted. I also have an extremely well-known money making DJ and an award winning writer of plays, screenplays and two books, just to mention three of the caliber of people that are indeed joining. So the opportunity that people whether being strapped for money or NOT, do indeed think and take seriously the thought on the possible expansion of ground floor opportunities. I don’t believe anyone is not going to get anything out of joining Zenzuu. Money, business connections, sponsors, learning experience, residuals…I do believe what one’s sponsor is capable of and how visionary they are can help make or break the reps under them though. Especially if a rep is in need or are looking for direction or a sponsor thinks they are in it for a quick get rich scheme. People, the internet business is up and down and does not get you rich in weeks. As in any market, there are glitches, even on a site, mistakes and growth. A dedicated vision and plan is paramount, even in how are why you post on a free site that will not pay you for your efforts, I mean if you’re on a social for money making opportunities and or don’t mind just posting for the fun of it for a couple of decades. Anyone that wants to contact me for a further chat can do so and if you are interested in joining me and my team at Zenzuu feel free to do so for 6 or even 3 months. I think all in all readers, this type of business is very good for someone who thinks they want to pursue work or business on the internet, which is not as easy as it sounds. 99% of programs you join are going to require additional money or fees to in fact activate the program, strengthen it or even make it successful. Zenzuu is FREE FOREVER and allows you to CANCEL whenever you want. What could be better than that to test? Be Blessed and Wise. Stay Grateful and Don’t Be Sorry. OUT

  9. MightyDreamer, wtf?, are you trying to be the Unispammer with your flipping manifesto there?

    It’s called a ‘line break’.

    There’s two, right in a row, did you miss them? Look again.

    Learn it, use it, love it.

  10. Yeah I did. Wasn’t prompted to stop. Sar ee. Was surprised as you and who-ev-er is/was 2 C how much was there. No harm meant. Now we all know. Thank you Rushiku.

  11. Another thin when I tried to surf the site its bogged down really bad. If they can’t provide good hosting then how are the going to be sending out these big checks. Not to mention you can’t send out a huge amount to everyone.

    This thing is really wacko….. Please use a line break next time dreamer =]

  12. BTW, I didnt read through your post it was not friendly to my eyes.

    Have you actually gotten a check yet ?

  13. Interesting set of comments. As Zenzuu is largely an unknown quantity the comments really only reflect our own personalities :)

    Personally I think its a good model which could work to the benefit of all. I join very few of these sorts of things and do as much background research as possible.
    But then I have an optimistic personality tempered with a touch of realism : )
    If you do too – then try Zenzuu out. Why not! There’s no risk involved!

  14. All the comments aside,This will be the biggest wave of finanical wealth the world will see

    If we could show you how to make some money, Maybe some serious money by introducing people to a FREE on line social network,
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    ZENZUU is a completely Free on line social network, You probably have heard of other free social networks like Facebook, Myspace ,Etc.

    Did you know that MYSPACE makes around 70 million a month in advertising ( And don’t share a penny with its members}
    Did you know that FACEBOOK makes around 30 million a month in advertising { And don’t share a penny with its members}

    This advertising money comes from national advertisers like, Coke, MC Donald’s, Burger King ,Budweiser, Etc.

    ZENZUU has leveled the playing feild for social networking. People from all walks of life can join absolutely FREE with no strings attached, and for the first time in history, never pay a penny ” EVER”, PERIOD. and as a active member of Zenzuu, receive 80% of the monthly advertising revenue.

    An active member is a free member that logs in to his or her Free Zenzuu website 30 time in a calender month

    You can advertise all your on line or offline businesses all over the world for free and by sharing this with everybody you know the company will share
    80% of the advertising revenue to its Free members THATS YOU !!!!!!

    So why not promote ZenZuu now for FREE and be able to share in the advertising revenue at the sum of 80% for the rest of your life



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  15. I think it is too good to be true, if you want to get your site sponsored by then visit my site and click on the get sponsored link on the righthand side of the page. It only requires a donation (you choose amount) and you get your own page for life. Some of you probably use CPC Advertising so why not just donate the value of 1 of your clicks and give it a try. Read more at link below. Thank you in advance.

  16. Check this out! A Strategic System to Building your 10th Level in ZenZuu!!

  17. Just checking this out.

  18. unbefuckinglievable

  19. Yes, the video is very cheesy and has no echo. But it does make you think about all the revenue generated by facebook and myspace.
    I joined–we’ll see what happens after August 10 or so.

  20. I have to agree with We’ll See. Who knows?
    1. Where is their comp. plan on the site?
    2. Never saw a line for SS or Debit card #?
    3. Myspace probably started with just a few ads, too. Give ’em a break.
    Can’t hurt- it’s free.

  21. Hello People,

    Let’s help Zenzuu to their Mission & Vision, if they make money and We did not received any money then attack them. Zenzuu will not work without people’s help. Facebook & Myspace are nothing without us but what we get when they earn millons of dollars nothing they just using us. Atleast Zenzuu has a vision to help us by helping them. Let’s just make the ZenZuu the New Friends Network this is possible with our help. You have nothing to loose even a penny. Zenzuu needs our support. Zenzuu give us hope lets make it a reality.

  22. If I convinced you to join I will be honor to be your sponsor

  23. I just need to say that why not give it a try? It is 100% free, what do you have to lose? Believe me, I have been on many sites, some charging you a little and others a huge chunk of money and you get ZERO $$$$ in the short and long run. Let me say this again. THis is 100% free and if you join before August and get your 10 active members under you, even if they change the payment plan, you will not be affected. Come on people, skeptics especially, give it a try and see, if it does not work out, just move on to something else..But remember, it is not just about the money but the potential friends that you can meet here and there are going to be MANY other great benefits to joining zenzuu. Give them a chance, they are still in the beta stage. If you need to here a live onfrence call 646-519-5860 then put in this pin number and then the # sign – pin # 3214#

    Mon – Sat Pacific Time 10am -12pm – 2pm – 4pm – 6pm – 8pm
    Sun. Pacific Time 4pm – 6pm

    OR listen to a 3 min Record call 24 hrs. a day 646-222-0545

    After that if you are interested in joining in, my website is


  24. just checking out prior to being reckless? & joining zenzuu…. as i am so desperate to earn even a meagre amount of $$$ to buy a 4×4 for my ministry, that i am jumping in feet first right now….
    have read all these rants & raves on this page, EXCEPT THE TIRADE WHICH IN MY DEPRESSION WILL NEVER COPE WITH SUCH A LONG TIRADE.
    i am a fast woman & i get bored after 1/3 as long as that takes to read! send me blessing to get my dream. ta & love !

  25. Polystyrene – good move since there is NOTHING to lose here (well, a few minutes of your time).

    I joined back in March, have met many people there, and even ran into some old friends. Who knows if it will ever pay anything, but if you are promoting any other program, this is a great place to hang out!

    Now, don’t get me wrong…don’t run over there and start spamming people with offers, but rather find others with common interests, make friends, build mutual trust – exchange programs, tips and tricks.

    If anybody would like to be my friend at Zenzuu, you can find me at

    You can also see where I DO make money right now (without any dang sponsoring – completely passive, but you will want to tell others!!)

  26. Hey Troy,

    I found some favorable reviews on Squidoo & Ezine but the video on the AGC web site didn’t work (bummer).

    No offense but I’m not much interested in reading “exciting testimonials”. Guess I’m getting jaded. What I’m looking for is something that actually gives solid, useful information that anyone can use in their home biz of choice. I need to focus on learning and working the biz op I’m in now (including list building) before i get distracted by 20 other affiliate/biz-ops.

    Can anyone tell me if such a thing exsists?

  27. Of course the more people who join the better, so If your interested lets make some money. But if your not interested why are spending so much time trying to convince people not to join a FREE website because its a scam. How can anything be a scam if it is FREE. As soon as they stray away from their usual free site and start asking for money you tell them to take a hike and go on about your business. One of zenzuu’s main offices is in Las Vegas, where I happen to live. I have visited the main office here and I am completely 100% convinced that this will be one of the biggest things to hit the internet. People are just reluctant because it hasn’t happened yet. But if people would have known what Bill Gates was doing in his garage and and had the opportunity to get in on it then we would be one of the richest people in the world as well. Like everyone before said, you have nothing to lose. Get on the bandwaggon and do your log-ins and let fate decide if you should get rich. Good luck and I hope anyone who reads this will send me a friend request.

  28. Let’s see, No Money (FREE), No Risk, Meet other Networkers, Exchange information and Ideas.

    If you are hating already, stay home. People this is your choice, if you are negativethen get out of the way and let the rest of us test it out and in a year you negative people come back and see how we have done.

  29. Under FEE section

    “You acknowledge that, its licensees, affiliates, vendors, or partners in their discretion, reserve the right to charge for some of the  Services that they offer and to change these fees any time without prior notice.”

    Under Acceptance of Terms

    “Your continued use of the ZenZuu Services after ZenZuu posts a revised Privacy Policy indicates your acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy.”

    It’s absolutely free to sign up, but I’m worried that no profit will be made unless you actually sign up for some of the services, which in turn would make it an illegal pyramid scheme. I thought those excerpts from the Terms and Privacy Policy Agreement were kind of interesting. I don’t know if it is common in other agreements from other sites, but that is what stood out to me on this one.

    If you guys do decide to sign up though, please do consider signing up under me!! I’d like to test this out to see how it goes.

  30. I now have 496 people in my team from signing up 3 weeks ago ….! never paid a penny! People whatever it is , give it a shot! I consider this an opportunity of a lifetime..if you decide to join , join here

  31. What I find interesting is that anyone that wants to join, needs to join under someone or a sponsor. Even all the links above, goes under the sponsor of Bill McKenzie. I know it’s free to join and all, but wonder who will make get the biggest check, most likely the first few who joined. Just seems odd why can’t someone just join on their own and then start their network?

  32. People, this is going to be the biggest social network ever. Get in now so you can enjoy the full ride. Free is free so you have nothing to lose.
    If we all work together, we will all be financially free!!

  33. Well, they finally found a way to take a pyramid scheme online.

    These never, ever work. Don’t waste your time.

  34. I’ve seen many MLM’s over the years. ZenZuu seems like the best one, that has ever come around, and being free to join. This is going to be huge, and probably spread like a virus around the world. Get in on the ground floor, before the building climbs to the sky. This is a win win in my books. I would love to see you there. Join here.

  35. I am self employed 15 years and a business takes work to keep it going.

    I have did several MLM’s business some I did not make very much money but I did find a real good one called CookieLee selling fashion jewelry. Hey I am a guy and it a fun business selling to women with real products that sell like hotcakes its very easily.

    This is the only is MLM I have made real good money in with CookieLee company.

  36. Oh forgot to ask who has made money with ZenZuu? And how long did it take? How much are you making?

    If your interested in making fast cash let me know I will help you with get started in to Cookielee, give me a call.

  37. I found some interesting bits in their privacy policy. I have 4 people under me and I do not have this information on them.

    As a social network company that shares a maximum 80% of its Net Advertising Revenue that it actually received in U.S D with its Independent Marketing Representatives using a multi-level affiliate revenue sharing model (an affiliate who meets qualification can receive compensation on multiple levels of “REP”s on his/her direct line of sponsorship), ZenZuu provides certain information to Independent Marketing Representative regarding the other Independent Marketing Representative and Registered Customers enrolled in an Independent Marketing Representative’s downline marketing organization. If you enroll as an Independent Marketing Representative or Registered Customer with ZenZuu, your name, address, email address, and telephone number may be provided to your Sponsor and all of the Independent Marketing Representatives immediately above your Sponsor. No other personally identifiable information will be shared with other Independent Marketing Representatives except what is available in the ZenZuu Services. Such information is made available to ZenZuu Independent Marketing Representative subject to a confidentiality and non-disclosure covenant in the ZenZuu Policies and Procedures.

    Also they say you have to click a box saying that you want to share their revenue to get a check but there has been no box to be seen anywhere. Also have t send them tax info to get paid but it doesn’t tell you how.

    All my research has not yet shown a single person getting any real money so far people just keep asking that question and no one answers it.


  38. szarka,
    no one has made any money yet, because they officially launched on AUG 1st! Please people, give this some time, that’s what it will take for anybody to see any real money…what does anyone have to lose?

  39. Zenzuu has not paid any money yet…the first payment is going out October 15th….payment in the form of a debit card …will be issued to members. Your tax id number is necessary just like it is in any offline business…..income is not tax free unless you are exempt status! The request for your tax Id can be found in your profile…it will be necessary to provide this info to get paid! I have only been active in Zenzuu for a few weeks and my downline is growing like crazy…II’m very pleased and I have a great team so if anybody wants to join a great team of “Zen’z” I would be glad to have you on my team I truly believe that Zenzuu could influence a redistribution of wealth world wide…and maybe resolve world hunger!!!!


  40. PonyBoy Posted a link to a Pyramid scheme page on

    The most intresting thing on that page is ” The hallmark of these schemes is the promise of sky-high returns in a short period of time for doing nothing other than handing over your money and getting others to do the same.”

    The hallmark of those schemes is they TAKE your money.
    Zenzuu at no time now, and NEVER will, require or ask of users to pay anything, You sign up, the advertisers are paying the money your making so that their ads are seen. It is a win-win-win situation nobody is being scammed, nobody is ever paying anything without getting a return. Users dont pay anything and get free money. Zenzuu provides the servers and makes a small profit. Advertisers get ads shown in return for their finachial investment just like they do on ANY SITE ON THE INTERNET.

    So according to your link, zenzuu is not a pyramid scheme. It seems too hard to be true because theirs a catch with this kind of thing which is how the companies make money. ZENZUU has promissed us not to ever have this, and its clear how they are making their money from their advertisers, enough that they can share with us, just because the idea of rewarding you for promiting its use to your friends and etc dosent mean its a scam, How is anyone being scammed? They arn’t because zenzuus business plan is legit.

  41. Its now the 11th of August and the site looks no different to when I signed up??? The launch date was to be the 8.8.8. Anybody got some answers?

  42. First person to provide me with proof of payment has my membership.

  43. I’m with you Matt… I don’t think it’s real at all!

  44. I just joined zenzuu and I am trying to sign up friends.Well if it turns out to be another scam, so be it.I have nothing to lose.

  45. I have read several references on this blog stating that ZenZuu is a “scam”. My question is: How could it be a scam when ZenZuu is free?

    I could understand this mindset if ZenZuu was charging a membership and/or monthly fee with the promise that you would make money, but come on people…

    The site is FREE. ZenZuu isn’t asking you for money, it only wants a little of your time.

    The “scam” talk just doesn’t fit the ZenZuu profile.

    As far as ZenZuu actually being profitable, that remains to be seen.

    ZenZuu just launched this month and, as a retired small business owner, I can assure you it will not be profitable for some time.

    If anyone is thinking of starting a home business believing they will immediately turn a profit they will be in for a shock.

    Many people who are just starting out in MLM or home based businesses are looking for the “fast buck” and soon lose interest in their enterprise when it doesn’t show an instant ROI (Return On Investment).

    When you decide to start a business, you need to make sure you have enough income from other sources to carry you through for at least a year. Anywhere from four to six months is about the minimum time it will take to even begin to see any profit. And that is assuming your business is a success. Very few have become profitable overnight.

    I intend to follow through with ZenZuu and see where it goes. I won’t be losing anything, and if I make $10.00 or $10,000 or even $0 I haven’t lost anything financially, and I have found a new Social Network to explore.

    By the way I do not work for ZenZuu nor do I have any affiliations with the site other than my membership and downline.

    And no, as of yet I haven’t made a dime, and that is to be expected at this point in time.

  46. i just farted……………oops

  47. I was just told about this website and of course if something sounds too good to be true… But, my friend ( a real person) told me that the person she signed under just recieved his check in the mail. Someone asked about getting the tax info, he got his in an email. It was just a W2. So, I’m going to try it. I think he only has no more than 5 people and got a check for a little over 300. So if you want a testimonial (twice removed), there you go.

  48. I was thinking about signing up with zenzuu and then I found out you have to give your social security number. That got me wary. Then I listened to one of their conference calls. The presentation was totally unprofessional and did not even touch on the features of the site, just on how much money you can make. I have searched like crazy and can’t find anything negative about zenzuu but it still doesn’t smell like anything but phishing! The recruiter I talked to in the conference call had very little command of the English language and started almost yelling at me when I asked if they were listed with the BBB. He asked me how zenzuu would pay us if we didn’t give our socials. How about PayPal like most other web companies? I’m afraid this is going to turn out to be a phishing scam later on. If it sounds too good to be true…..

  49. By the way, the founder of zenzuu had a big conference call last week and delayed the launch and lowered the number of first tier signups to get 100% residuals by half. Sounds like it’s imploding already!

  50. I joined this website and it’s unbelieveable that this is for real, but i believe we will see if this is for real. I sure do hope it’s real, because i’ve invited too many people for this website. The video was fabulous because it opened our eyes to what myspace and facebook is making.

  51. Ken,

    If you want to get paid you will have to submit your financial stats. This goes for anything where potential income is involved.

    The IRS controls this requirement, not the employer or in this case the website.

    If you don’t want to make any money, don’t provide the information. It’s that simple!

  52. Both Zenzuu and Yuwie, both social websites that promises riches are both a total joke. I’ve talked to over 1800 people in both sites. Only found 3 that made anything worth talking about on Yuwie and still with a couple thousand in their total referral network and a year plus of hard work, two make around a thousand a month and one made about $450. A couple made $10-$25 a month and all the others, even the ones who’ve put in a year+ of hard work and have quite a big sized network get < 50 cents a month – yes a month.

    Zenzuu is is even worse, it has yet to pay any members yet and won’t until it generates profit. Since Zenzuu’s launch over 4 months ago, it’s been pushing out the 1st pay date, month by month. You see, if Zenzuu actually tells it’s members that it could be up to several years like it takes for most businesses to make a profit, all it’s members are going to quit.

    I feel so sorry for all those misinformed people who believed in the Zenzuu and Yuwie hype, investing much valuable time and energy to find out how little or in Zenzuu’s case, not at all, it pays. Now you all might say it free and no one lost anything. But the last time I checked, money couldn’t buy anyone “time.” Time, is priceless.

    I hope you all check out my blog and join 6dgr, a social website that actually pays and doesn’t promise riches in it’s advertising. All they say is that you can make a decent income doing just 10 referrals a month, who do 10 each who does 10 each. No fancy promotes and exaggerations of riches – 10 referrals a month is actually real attainable. I have 261 and it’s just been a month. My total referral is now 1298. I am a newbie to social sites and internet marketing. I’ve done all this without spending a single dime on anything, not even advertising. The best thing is that 6dgr has allowed me to quit my job after just one week into it and I started part-time. Everyone I’ve trained is on pace to get at least 3x the 10 a month.

    So while all the other social sites are lowering their pay or not paying at all yet, 6dgr is continually finding ways to pay it’s members. 6dgr pays at least $4 per referral vs only 15 cents at Yuwie and Zero at Zenzuu ( you only get paid on Zenzuu when they do make a profit and if the referral logs in at least 30X in a given month.) Plus 80% out of the profit divided by the millions of referrals it will have before it actually starts receiving a profit will actually not amount to much – only to those who started when the company started and have several thousand “active”, key word “active, referrals.

    I’ve only been with 6dgr a month and have gotten paid twice already and another check is coming this Friday. My 1st 3 days of part-time work I’ve made more than all those 1800+ people’s annual income combined on both Yuwie and Zenzuu, if you take out the 3 I found that actually made some money. Now this is actual money, not projected money like Zenzuu.

    Hope to just shed some light for everyone.

  53. Everybody is entitled to it’s own opinion,i have read almost all the postings in here some make sense and others don’t. Now let’s ask ourselves one Question what is the Motive and the Aspiration of Zenzuu?.

    If you say Zenzuu is a scam, how and why? Because you have not been asked to spend a dime in other join, it’s free why is it a scam?.

    The Motive of Zenzuu is to get as much people as possible on board to attract advertisers and their aspiration is to be the Biggest Social Networking Site on the Internet which is achievable because is free. A lot of other Social Network has achieved this through the effort of you and me and they have not offered you anything as a thank you gift for helping them achieve their Goal, now Zenzuu has decided to alter these odds and still people are being hypocritical.

    For all i know i have nothing to loose and i hope that in the near Future due to this gesture by Zenzuu to share it’s revenue, MySpace and other sites will be pushed to the limit to do the same. There is nothing that is unachievable in this World because there is no limits to the mind expect those we acknowledge so please let’s give Zenzuu a chance.

    Besides i don’t actually care what happens in Zenzuu because already i am making a comfortable Income On-line from my Home Business:

    Global Domains International of is one the Most trusted companies On-line and i am proud to be associated with them. This is the easiest affiliate program i have ever seen in the Home Business Industry and the most profitable as well, anybody can do it and the Power lies in a 7 minute video that explains everything which pulls in prospects for you and does the selling by itself so you don’t have to sell anything. If you can personally hand someone a copy of the above Video either on-line or offline then you have everything to be successful with this business.

    Why don’t you check it out: .Please if you have a very slow Internet Connection i will suggest you allow the video to load completely to enable you see the possibilities behind this company.

    This is the best business i can recommend to anyone who really wants to earn a Living On-line, it’s simple and very easy, just watch the Video here:

    Get back to me if you need any help.

  54. It seems to me that anyone outside of the mighty USA wanting to earn through internet marketing will have a real difficult time.

    Not to sign up for anything, oh no! it’s very easy for these American sites and companies to charge your credit card in US$, but how are you going to get paid in US$ if you live outside of the USA?

    The sad thing is that it does not concern them at all when they want to sign you up, but when you need to get paid it becomes a nightmare. Why can’t they just credit your credit card with the same ease as they took payment from it?

    So, my question is If I do make a success of a free opportunity such as Zenzuu and I happen to live in South Africa, how will I be paid? Was wondering if someone would be able to answer this.

    I started with affiliate marketing only about a month ago and it’s building up very nicely, but, and a big BUT, I received my first Clickbank cheque a few days ago and my bank will not accept it. I haven’t tried other banks yet, but I’m pretty sure it is a treasury regulatory thing and that all the banks will have the same policy.

    Clickbank does not do electronic fund transfers except for of course the USA, UK and Australia, I think. Somewhat of a dilemma, also an ethical one for the Americans who are merrily adveritsing and taking money in other countries without caring about the payments to their customers in these countries

  55. Are you people that simple minded that “Free” means that it must be legit? WOW! Ever hear of businesses giving away products for FREE in exchange for “just your information”? Do you think they want that to send you a Christmas card and more free gifts? Get Real People! Free can only be Free if it is backed by a money making business… as you will all find out in your emails, mailboxes and phones…etc. whe they show up selling stuff to generate revenue. I know we all want to be hopeful that someone is telling us the truth, but I looked at this website and I don’t see any advertisements other than “your ad could be here” signs everywhere… where is all this money coming from to pay you? And before you think I have never tried anything, let me say that I have done everything from selling on Ebay to owning my own company to flipping houses! I even loan money online at a rate of 10% up to 35%! .. just to name a few.. None of which were Free to start! The point I am going for is yes, it’s free…. but you can’t open a store for free or a buy rental property for free… and I sure as hell don’t loan out money for free….and you really can make money at these “Legit” businesses!

  56. @ SAN…..Even though I am a member of Zenzuu I tend to agree with you. Zenzuu is extremely exaggerated and with their complex and somewhat confusing payment method, it is obvious you will not earn much. I also keep hearing different start dates for initial payments..Set 15th, Oct 15th and I also heard Nov 15th !! Also they are taking applications for the Master Debit Card but alas !!..The application keeps telling me it is unable to verify my details as I am in Jamaica and dont have a ‘social sec #’ just drivers license, TRN , national ID. They keep creating this worldwide buzz and only Americans can apply for the Master Card. Rubbish. I also joined 6DGR which is far more practical and attainable than Zenzuu but I also face the same problem with the Social Sec #. The Washington Mutual application keeps aborting because I dont have a SSN. Oh well I guess we just have to wait until they sort out international members but yes you are totally correct…6DGR is far more practical.

  57. @ Skeptical2…How on earth did your friend got pay and they haven’t even started initial payments as yet ? And they did say they will use Debit Master Card.

  58. @ Skeptical2….How on earth did your friend get paid and initial payments have not started ?

  59. Austin,

    Checked out the site. Looks good. I have requested the video with you as my sponsor.

    I just wish they would attempt to sell the services (.ws) more than the money making side.

    I’m going to join for the $10.00/mo web hosting and maybe get some people to do the same.

    Money be d**n’d I just like the service!

    OH YEAH…Stick with Zenzuu. Time will tell!

  60. Steve,

    1) Why don’t they pay thru PayPal like many other web businesses that are legit?

    2) Why aren’t they registered with the BBB if they are legit?

    The bottom line is that truly legitimate businesses take the minor extra steps necessary to assure potential clients that their personal information is being used for legitimate business purposes. The folks at Zenzuu vehemently refuse to show these proofs of legitimacy. Further, they become incensed when you ask for such proof. And don’t make me laugh with that SurfSafe thing or whatever the name is that they have going on their pages. If you read the terms and conditions on it you find out right away that they make no guarantees as to the legitimacy of the businesses they allow to display their symbol.

    There is a word for those who insist this can’t be a phishing scam because you can join without signing up for the income opportunity. The word is naive.

  61. It is always important to read the fine print. I was in a large Network marketing business in the early 90’s and with in 6 months I was doing close to $15,000 dollars in products in my MLM and received about $800..and it was growning exponentially now you have to remember this was $800 in the early 90’s when I was in college with a nice apartment for $300 and gas, grocerys, and everyday living expenses were a lot less.The dirty little secret was that you had to buy tapes and motivational products and convince people and yourself to sell kits and buy stuff they didn’t need. To make a long story short, I quit…I couldn’t stomach it, I actually saw two married individuals in my upline have marriage problems because they were in this cult mentalility with myself included. I swore off being seduced by mlm, network marketing, etc. Yes, many of you are correct that there are alot of scams out there…I get them pitched to me all the time. There is no perfect business model…especially traditional brick and mortar, retail, etc…they all come with risk. I analyzed zenzuu…but I stongly trusted a true friend of mine who asked me to look at it. She presented this opportunity to me and now has since April over 6000 members. Remember this is just starting….alot of your negative comments are valid but get back on the is evolving…there is the fine print now and yes a strong terms agreement contract. Take a look at the business model it actually is genius….. I would only say, do some more research I think you will be surprised…there are no guarantees in life. I like this business model and the fact it is truely free and really decided to do it after some of the kinks were getting ironed out. It will have its growing pains but ask yourself do you have the expertise in global internet marketing, software developement, resources, etc. $$$ to setup a facebook and compete with them…If you do then you are one of the small %. I look at the early framework of the vision and realize there are going to be some growing pains but I don’t have to set up hire and develop such a complex system that is offered to me turn key. I don’t believe in overselling and underdelivering it will bite you and your integrity. I share this with individuals when I speak with them. I’m not using this site for my own promo that is why I don’t have my zenzuu link on this post……’s okay to be skeptical and analize, but at the end of the day I can live with myself when I present this in the manner that I do. I don’t promise anything I just present the business model and the concept. I was a coowner of a men’s clothing store when I was 17yrs of age it did well so we expanded from MT to Tempe different market-lost a big chunk of change. Invested in some other traditional businesses and have one that is successful now. I have a great profession that pays me well….but is there such a thing as job security? Social Security?Financial investments that will return the average it has in the last 20 some years? I learned a simple concept from the school of hard Knocks “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” its all about risk to return ratio. I’m leary of poster above who use statements like “never workout” or make absolute claims wether in the positive or negative. Don’t say you have the absolute truth this will never work or you definitely will get rich… I like to work with my people and spell it out and help them achieve what there goals are, if I don’t have the knowledge I simply say lets find someone who can show you that has a vested intrest in your success What if you want to make an extra $300 ( check out in a defined pension plan how long you have to work to receive that income when your 65, you would be surprised, or do the math at todays interest rates what type of investment you would have to make to receive this income on a monthly basis. …..that’s my rant….don’t judge make your own decision, you could be right? But you could be Wrong?

  62. Oh and I’m curious? Is there a financial motivation for creating this BLOG? If not and it is just a forum for good discussion. My hats off to the creator of this blog. If there is a financial motivation because of the interest level that is growing with zenzuu and it’s membership base……..then there is another dirty little secret? Kinda of like the Enquire, stir up controversy and profit from it.

  63. Sean, I make no money from this blog. Feel free to browse through it to see the sort of topics I post about.

  64. Hats off! I wasn’t sure this would be Facebook, Myspace, or one of the social networks positioning them self in a 3rd spot to creat a little negativety because you have no chance of making money with them. I think what you are doing with a good formal discussion creates awareness, thinking, and debate……which is always a healthy thing.

  65. I just went to the seminar in Orlando today and let me tell you this thing is for real! They will be doing a test distribution of funds in October so you have to qualify in Sept to get your share. Then in November they will load up the advertisers banners and ad pages and start paying us in December!! There are already more than 200,0000 memebers and more join everyday so it’s important that you sign up today and log in 30 times even if it’s all in one day! Sign up at!!! Then if you get people to advertise you get a 75% direct compensation!! You also get a share of the overall advertising compensation! You have nothing to lose since it is completely FREE!! This is a new social network so of course there are going to be some gliches they have to iron out but that’s the trade for getting into something so early! They are also going to have a market place for people to sell their items and books! This is on the verge of mass explosion so sign up now and let’s all help each other make a little extra money! Oh yeah and did I mention if you already have a business you can post your business for free in their “Green Pages” which is similar to the yellow pages! What a great way to promote your business for free or upgrade to a preferred advertiser for a small fee!! Or even buy a banner or link spot for a little more! Sign up today at!!

  66. I just was at the big convention in Orlando Florida this weekend for ZenZuu and this thing is growing like crazy! I needed to see it for myself before really get into it big time. I was very impressed and the room was PACKED! My husband got called up as a speaker and it was just awesome. We have over 300 people in our group in just 5 weeks and haven’t made any huge efforts to do it! It’s not just like Myspace and Facebook it’s so much more with many different ways to make money. It’s more like Myspace, Craigslist, and Ebay combined. Its important to remember that ZenZuu is just getting started! I have seen and been with companies in their Beta Stages. I can remember when I joined Ebay back in 1996. Ebay and Paypal were a total wreck when they were just starting out but they had an amazing vision that just needed time to work out the kinks. ZenZuu has a great foundation with some serious backing. It is the next generation of online social networking. Everything is FREE for the user and most people don’t turn down FREE. There isn’t any risk because you pay nothing for it! If some of you are worried about growing a huge group and having to report the money you made to the US government (that’s why at some point ZenZuu will need the SS# in order to be able to pay you. That’s just the law here in the good old US;) than you can just give them my SS#. I will be more than happy to take that problem off your hands. :o) No really, if you have any questions about the company I would be more than happy to try and answer them. My husband and I met with the founder and have a good idea of what’s going on and if we can’t answer them we will find out for you. So, while the rest of you are wondering if ZenZuu will be good or not here is my opinion. This thing is going to be HUGE!

  67. Firstly, a HUGE,PRICKLY,NASTY KICK in the butt to all you ANTI-ZENZUU persons out there!!WTF is wrong with you imbosils! You snooze, you loose! Thats all I can say to you!These are the persons who sit on Facebook all day, jobless, and more than likely darn near homeless and obviously, a wee bit brainless! What dont you persons understand about Zenzuu? 100%FREE ZERO RISK! Yes, they ask you for your SS..Which in every case of employment, they do ask for this as its the governments way of keeping track of the money we are making!DUH..DUH..DUH! ‘OOooo’ and oh yes..the fact that the person on the video appears like the average Joe Blow..Oooooo..Oh my goodness..Now that is strange hey?!Oooooooo….Talk about Twilight Zone hey?!OOooooo..PLEASE people, go outside and catch a brain will you! Perhaps you’ve been watching too much TV! Zenzuu is just beginning, and thats why you will only see Zenzuu advertisements as nobody has advertised their business yet! DO YA THINK??? Holy smokes people..I firmly believe there’s some ‘BAD’ Gas released across parts of the world as I have never heard or seen such stupidity in my life!Really! Sign up, or dont sign up! WHATEVER people but dont knock it until youve tried it!Like I said, Take a long walk and find a brain!PEACE!!!

  68. From looking at the zenzuu site all I can see is adverts for themselves so no money to be made there. You’d think they would at least have given the impression of prosperity by offering free ad’s just to get going and make the site look as if it might work.

  69. I couldn’t see anything to bring me to ZenZuu, except, may be, create a social networking to develop my other MLM… it’s based in commission and supported by an internet american company… I’ve got more success with it than with some others I tried because it’s not for sale… it’s for promoting the company services… and the services are very cheap and very easy to promote.
    About money with ZenZuu… I really don’t know if it works, so I will not say anything against nor on behalf of it.

  70. Can somebody elaborate on how much the conference calls cost, or are they Free ?

    Also i’ve heard that you get charged for one of their credit cards when you join.

    If anyone can give any details on these two issues it would be very appreciated

  71. Tommy Vu (one of the owners) is a Billionaire and he is originally from Vietnam and he cam e as a so called boat peopleto the US, many years ago. Poor.

    He became rich and he wants that nobody should have this poor life like he had.

    He wants, that everybody should become a chance to start for FREE to build an empire.

    I believe in zenzuu and 200000 members in oct 2008 after a few months is better than myspace and facebook together in their firsts months…

    Although till now no company placed an ad at the site. I guess the ads will come. Needs more time and more users. And the users will come.


    Soeren GElder

  72. Has anyone been paid, received any money, or anything from this? It sounds interesting, but don’t want to waste my time.

  73. The best Network worldwide.
    Make money with Zenzuu. Zenzuu is the new community and marketplace worldwide. Zenzuu pays his members 80% – lifetime.

    Zenzuu is FREE.

    More info

  74. You people are going to miss the boat. This is sad, but like they say, “time will tell”. ZenZuu is talking about the money to remind, at least those who will listen, about how these other social networks are making a killing and not sharing.

    I have one question, did MySpace or Facebook have mucn content in the beginning?

    Visit the People Helping People section if you or anybody you know need help. Once you get pass the money, money, money mind frame, you will truly understand ZenZuu.

  75. It really is shame that people can’t open their eyes and see that someone out there cares for the underprivileged and would like to see all people have a chance at a wealthier life.

    Zenzuu was started by Tommy Vu to give even the poorest a chance to create a residual income.

    Like all great things it takes time to build, create and work out the kinks!

    I’m in for the long haul and totally support Zenzuu.


    Please come to this website and see what others have to say about ZenZuu. You can also share your experiences with us and comment too. We are dedicated to making ZenZuu the best that it can be by finding solutions to problems.

  77. Zenzuu sucks, I deleted my account today. I have been doing Zenzuu since August, and haven’t recieve any funds yet. I had over 200 people in my downline, and haven’t recieved a dime from zenzuu. Please people, don’t waste your time.

  78. I am also a member of ZenZuu and have over 70 people in my downline. But after reading the Terms of Use I became very concerned. I tried to get ZenZuu management to address my concerns and well… I ended up putting up a website to explain the whole thing because after so much work on my groups’ part, to be dismissed and given “the run around” l have lost my enthusiasm and don’t believe they are as altruistic as they want us to believe. I even have an audio file on the site of a voice mail left for me by Joe Risk… Listen to it, you’ll see what I mean.

  79. Why is everybody so concerned of Zenzuu being a scam or whatever they have in mind. Did you feel the same way when you were invited to join Facebook, MSN or other social networks?
    Just invite your friends, watch it grow and if it turns out to be a scam it will disappear from the web and all you have lost was…..some time which you would have spent on other social networks. How sure are you to get paid at the end of the month by your employer? If you don’t take chances in life, you will never know how success tastes. My motto is: Don’t Work Harder, Work SMARTER and don’t regret yesterday tomorrow.

  80. Hey everybody

    Did you know that zenzuu don’t pay any money

    and they may be pay but after 10 years getting more ads on their website

    Let me Explain why zenzuu doesn’t pay you anything

    In the welcome video they said zenzuu will pay YOU 80% of there ads revenue

    but just tell me!! How many people are there in zenzuu ??!

    there are thousands of members in zenzuu

    are they going to pay you or pay him or pay her the 80%

    If they said they will share 80% of their ads revenue on its members, let say, maybe they will !!

    but if you looked on zenzuu pages and going deep inside the website and discover it you will find there is about five maybe six of there ads

    do they get a $5000 a month from 5 or six ads????

    of course not !!

    the MAXIMUM payment they may get from just 1 ad is $1000

    And lets say they got $5000 for this month

    80% off for members that’s means about $4000

    in the home page of zenzuu it says “THANKS TO ALL OF OUR USERS, WE ARE NOW OVER
    200,000 MEMBERS!!! AND COUNTING…”

    how much are you going to earn from 4000 dollars that is shared between 200,000 people ?????

    If you are tired and don’t want to calculate it I will tell you

    you get just 2 cents

    yep that’s all

    Can you Imagine that

    think about it deeply

    use math ( lol )

    that’s why math is very Important

    Check out my Forums website

  81. Seriously guys give this a try. I know it sounds too good to be true but its NOT! This is a legit site and you can benefit greatly from it.

  82. I am a Zenzuu member with a pretty large network.
    My members are loosing faith in Zenzuu and most of them are not active anymore (when will I get paid???).
    I recently joined another social network which does pay its members. Some make thousands of dollars.
    My strategy is to build another large down-line with this network and get my members paid.
    This way I recreate believe and by the time Zenzuu is in the position to pay its members, we all will join as a complete network, putting us in the position of an instant 2nd income-stream. Feel free to join and really start making money with a social network. Please respond at [email protected] or at Skype. My Skype name is Jackpot4u


    This is the link if you want to join.


  84. I developed the MLM system for Zenzuu. I did it to make money. I was a consultant who was bound by NO CONTRACT, so I can say what I want about Zenzuu. Me and the other programmers were the only ones who got paid. No one on Zenzuu will ever be paid, ever. Joe Risk, the guy in the video on zenzuu is at the top of the food chain, and if zenzuu were to make $50,000 in 1 month, he would only make $200 at most!!!!!

    First, 30% would go to investors, the other 40% to the sales reps who brought in all the advertisements, so 30% would be left over for ad revenue. 80% of that 30% would be distributed to the downline. I tested using $20,000 (as the 30% left over for ad revenue) and Joe Risk got about $105 from his first 9 levels and another $95 from his 10th level bonus.

    I gave up on Zenzuu after learning the real numbers behind everything. They aren’t giving away 80% of total ad gross, its net! first they have to pay investors, sales commissions, server & office bills, salaries, THEN they pay the members.

  85. Oh yea, also. They claim to have spent over 1.5 mil to develop Zenzuu. They spent maybe $3,000 on server bills a month, $4,800 for each of us four programmers & engineers, $300 for cell phone bills, and almost nothing for office space through a friend. Within the 10 months of development, Zenzuu might have spent $400,000, but NEVER 1.5 million dollars.

    Also, Zenzuu was suppose to be an online store where people could post products for sale and get other zenzuu reps to sell their products on a mass scale, sharing commissions throughout the downline, but after the investors came in 6 months into development, they wanted us to build an advertisement system, so its pretty much the investors fault for screwing something that could have been pure and helpful to the world.

    And to make it worse, Zenzuu promised so much, like starting to pay the downline in August of 08, but they STILL dont pay their downline because there ARENT ANY ADS!!!!!!!! Either way, the advertising system wasnt even completed until 4 months after deadline, December 08.

    One good thing about Zenzuu though is that so many people found out about it and we were peaking at 50,000 signups a month before zenzuu went downhill, and those signups were all word of mouth. No marketing campaigns besides a 24/7 phone conference which was hosted by Joe Risk, who NEVER EVEN GOT PAID FOR ALL THE HARD WORK HE DID. That man spent 1 hour 3 times a day, 7 days a week for over 8 months on that conference call, selling the same shit and saying the same shit over and over. It was like he was living his own gullable nightmare.

    None of the Officers (CEO, CTO, COO) knew anything about the internet and never even took any advice from us programmers about which direction to take zenzuu, so it’s their own faults.

    Much love,
    Mark Entingh

    Fuck Zenzuu.

  86. correction, i meant CEO, CFO (not CTO) , COO) The CTO was probably the most knowledgeable person on the whole team.

  87. WOW! This whole thing gave me a headache. I, deep down, believe that ZENZUU is going to be a great thing! But I totally understand how it seems like a scam, but I’ve seen how optimistic it has made my mom, who is disabled and hasn’t really left the house in 5 yrs! She is now one of the co-hosts of one of the many calls…

    There’s just so much going on it just seems impossible to get it all going in time with just a few programmers getting it together….

    As far as the pay out… I have made $1.06 in 2 months just off of $10,000 taken in over those 2 months. My dad has made $5 and one of my friends who has no one in his downline has made 3 cents.

    I know you’re thinking that’s a waste of time, but just think when there’s three more 0s behind that 10,000 what I’ll be making!!!!

    Plus, that’s way more than MySpace or slow a** Facebook has ever given me and I’ve been spending 2-3 hours a day on there playing Mafia Wars!!!! I need a life! lol

  88. Hey Coldplay
    Either you or Mark are speaking shit. He says no one will make cash yet you coldplay say you have received money. Anyone not living in the USA made any cash from this site? I had 120 peeps in my downline but I lost interest when the launch date came and went with no advertisers. Isnt that how we make money with advertisers? Will someone clear the air here?

  89. I bought into the early hype and promoted ZenZuu as a way for my group (I am admin of to make money and keep our website up and running. I put up a whole section of pages explaining the concept ( I have 70+ people in my down-line and I am now ashamed that I put my reputation on the line for this.

    I have been so disappointed with ZenZuu that I put up the following website.

    I tried to get them to make changes to their terms and privacy policy. We put a lot of work into it and it ended up with Joe Risk himself leaving me a voice mail which… well, there is an audio track of the voicemail on the site, listen to it for yourself and see what you think. (near bottom of page)

    Now after reading Mark’s statement about it’s development I understand more fully why the system has broken down as it has. Thank you Mark for sharing your experience.


  90. Tommy Vu? Tom Vu? Of late night TV infomercials? You better Google this guy !

  91. If you have ever seen a MLM event you will see the parallel in the video they have on the website. People tend to become almost evangelical in embracing the idea till they figure out there is no money to be made. Yes while signing up is free, your time spent will be too.

    It appears this is really about Search Engine Optimization. Making the site stronger by having many members and lots of activity by signing in 30 times a month. Google and the other search engines will see the activity and the back links and then the key words and phrases will appear on the front page of search engines, which is a good thing. Then a pay per click deal for the advertisers.

    What’s the real benefit? The owners make the money. ZZPartners, Inc out of Nevada has taken the company public with a reverse merger. The two principles of the company have had experience with that before, several times, and one should look at status of the companies they had involvement in.

    Lots of press releases lots of bells and whistles…buy the stock…board of directors take salaries and bonuses. So if you have lots of time to kill, go head on. If you want to make money…get a job.

    Those that are hawking the product with their Youtube videos got wise to Amway but not wise enough.

    Just my opinion.

  92. Thank you!

  93. I don’t know what to say.

  94. I hope that I am not the last one to read this article. negozio hogan

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