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YouTube satire

I’ve been enjoying the Public Service Administration’s Election 08 satires. The Message To Ralph and Bass Motives are very funny, as well as the better known parody of the Yes We Can video. Warning: Totally Obama slanted. In fact, I think their anti-Hillary stuff is the weakest of the lot (well, the Monty Python mashup is funny).

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  1. Hi there, a blatant atempt at some self-promotion I thought I’d share my short animation about the election:

    It can be found here.

  2. Unfortunately, -in a a weird, removed sort of way- the fact that the word “cunt” has passed McCain’s lips actually makes me like him more. (But that is only because I really didn’t like him at ALL before… make any sense?) I wonder what kind of effect the YouTube video of this “cunt” incident might have on his image? Since it has already blown-up maybe… maybe the only response left is to stage adn film a re-enactment! Surely that would be to their benefit, I mean, what does he have to lose? Heck- actually, it would be kind of brilliant for a candidate to stone-facedly re-enact all the moments of their life that they have been criticized for and/or which could be held against them- just get it all out fo the way in a lovely montage, then no one could hold any of those things against them because, of course, they just out-ed themselves in a comic way… i.e.: imagine: teen Barack on the beach in Hawai’i stoned out of his mind… Barack the Marlboro Man…

  3. Anyway,Hilary is a loser.

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