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Traffic regulation by paying attention

From Martin Oetting comes a link to an article in Der Spiegel (in German), which he summarizes:

A small German municipality joined a Euro project in which road signs and all types of visible regulation of the inner-city traffic are abandoned in seven towns across Europe. Instead, all drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are asked (or expected) to more consciously pay attention to everyone else and negotiate the right of way and how and where to park “on the go” – for a more fluid and less rule-driven approach to traffic.

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3 Responses to “Traffic regulation by paying attention”

  1. The speed limit on my suburban street is 25 MPH. It is residential with lots of kids, some bikes, some runners. Most people go 30-40, some I think even faster. I’m afraid the lack of respect here would make those experiments difficult. Sounds nice if it works, and I understand it does in some places.

  2. thankyou

  3. @Andy: Maybe the crucial element is that the signs indicating the speed limit are actually there. What if there were signs saying: “Attention – no street signage, no rules. Negotiate your traffic conduct with respect.” Maybe people wouldn’t go 30+?

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