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Chase Bank credit cards: Incompetent or scammy?

I received two Chase Quicken Visa credit cards yesterday. Neither were numbers I currently hold. So, I called their support line.

They told me that my current Citi credit cards had been bought by Chase, and would expire as of June 29, even though they’re marked as continuing into 2010.

The support guy couldn’t answer the most basic questions, including which new card number mapped to which old card number. So, I got Citi on the line while I escalated the Chase call. With one support person in each ear, I discovered that my two Citi cards were not being transferred, but an old Citi Quicken card was. And what about that second Quicken account for which I had received a new card? The Chase person explained that this was a card for an account that I had closed two years ago.

Why did they send me a card for a closed account? The Chase person said it was done automatically. So, presumably, thousands of cards have gone out with no indication that they’re for closed accounts. Was it a simple mistake, is Chase hoping that we’ll call the 800 number listed on the sticker on the front, thus re-activating accounts we’d closed?

I have now canceled my every single Chase Quicken account. (I don’t even use Quicken any more.) And I’ve asked for an acknowledgment in writing that I have done so. [Tags: ]

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  1. Stand by for a phishing scam in which a fraudster sends you a Chase credit card and invites you to activate it online at a special URL – where you will be asked to confirm the number of your old credit card, and for security purposes asked to confirm the PIN such that it can be registered to the replacement card you have just received.

    “What is the third digit of your PIN?”
    “What is the fourth digit of your PIN?”
    “What is the second digit of your PIN?”
    “What is the first digit of your PIN?”

    “Thank you”

    Good bye money.

  2. The .ru of that site should give you pause, although it is VERY easy to get caught in a phishing expedition.

    I get some emails that look like phishing, but are probably not and they worry me because I am unsure.

  3. My old bank, National City decided to ship me a new ATM card (not a Visa Check, just an ATM card) for absolutely no reason. I called them up, gave my name, gave them the card number and they couldn’t find either in their system. I cut the card up.

  4. This wasn’t an Internet thing. They sent me physical cards. They knew about two of my cards. And they didn’t ask me for credit card numbers or social security info. I believe this was indeed Chase Bank.

  5. This is an elaborate scam! I also received these cards and had I not called the phone number they gave me to “get more information” I would have thought it was legit! The number he gave me was a PORN site! This is a scam but sounded very legit until the 1-800-555 number

  6. follow-up:
    To make this short I called back and spoke with another operator who gave me the “information” number and I realized I wrote it down wrong. (I think) It was supposed to be 1 800 955 9296! I am still leary of this situation so will continue to make a few more phone calls before I cut the cards up.

  7. I found something called a cpn number that will
    give you a new credit profile within 30 days.
    the website is

  8. Now,One should think of the well known firm for credit card purchase.There are lots of faq firms or people are there who can fraud you.You can try the cpn number given on card it will help you more.

  9. Shady deal. Phishing expeditions are quite elaborate these days. If your instincts are telling you something isn’t right…. you have good instincts.

    NEW BLOG!!!

    My search brought me here. I want to put credit card companies in check. Recent APR increases on two of my accounts have me motivated enough to act. The increases were due to no fault by me, but decisions made by Chase and AMX. 9.99% to 17.99% and 9.99% to 13.99%. Disgusting right…

    I want to organize and get a large enough voice to be heard. I have contacted senators and other state Reps in recent weeks. Also chase and AMX. I have a plan, but need people who feel the same and are motivated to act.

    Please contact me with ideas, questions or more information.

    Bailout plan should have forced institutions receiving “loans” to lower APR’s on consumer credit. Come on America, lets get out of debt.


    [email protected]

    Lets make something happen

    -Zachary J.

  11. Chase credit card raised my minimum amt due over 100% plus added a $10.00 finance charge due to a bad economy. These are loan shark tactics as far as I’m concerned. The did not raise my APR (yet) but claim they can do whatever they want. So be prepared to bail out the banks and auto industries while you also bail out your credit card companies with these tactics.

  12. If Chase offers you a lower interest rate to transfer your higher credit card balances DO NOT FALL FOR IT. THEY SOLICITED MY BUSINESS AND THEN RAISED MY PAYMENTS TO OVER 100% AND ADDED ON A $10.00 FINANCE CHARGE. THEY WILL GET YOU!

  13. I have a low interest rate with Chase. I have ALWAYS paid on time, and have paid more than the amount due. I just received my statement and they have add a $10.00 monthly “service charge” and have more than doubled my payment!!!! They say they will stop the fee if I agree to increase by interest rate by 5 percentage points. WE NEED MAJOR OVERSIGHT OF THESE LOAN SHARKS.

  14. Ok get things right chase did not want the bailout nor did chase need the bailout the government wanted chase to take the money and lend it out and that is what chase has done. Chase has lent to more small buss and more to regular people like you and me. Chase has turned a profit all 4quaters last year chase is no citibank or aig so don’t put them under the same umbrella also the 10 dollars is being refunded so know that and being a chase customer I was asked tobeing over my cards they don’t just raise your intrest for the heck of it. With promotional rates you have to pay on time and stay under your limit and after the promo rate ends then your intrest goes to a different rate read the agreements. Another reason chase would double your pymt is to get you to pay your acct off sooner you might be only paying your min and that only covers you interest so to get acct off sooner the double yr pymt all you have to do is call and opt out of new min if u can’t so it. And to zach if your payment history or if your over your limit or your promotion is over that will happen so be truthful non of those things happen.

  15. I had a card with wamu that chase took over .I also have a chase dental program that gets paid automatically every month so when they stopped the wamu bill and switched to chase I mistook it for my dental and just filed it .Next month i opened it to discover that they had charged the late fee {fine} and increased my interest rate to 29.9% . I called them to tell them what happened but they don’t give a crap!! I closed the account and will pay it off next month .Stay away from these criminals that don’t allow you ONE mistake!

    D.B .

  16. I am in a credit conseling program – Chese keeps calling. I stopped answering, then they started calling my partner – then they somehow located my parter’s Daughter’s & started calling her!! I got into my account & they had changed all my personal information (address & phone) to my my partner’s daughter’s information. I changed it back to my info – I’ll be checking weekly on that!!!

  17. CHASE has gotten my attention and my vote for a melt-down….as an
    arranged automatic payment did not go through (as I was paying off
    the month’s account balance)
    and, without any notice to me of the failure of that payment, a $39
    RETURNED PAYMENT FEE, a $39 LATE FEE, and a finance charge for the
    UNPAID BALANCE gets added. The only notice is the next statement. My
    vote was, as no remedy could be made in that matter, to cancel the
    card and assure CHASE that no payment would be made until the charges
    went into collection and I would make a “deal” on a settlement
    My credit score can take that “hit”….probably CHASE can as well!!

  18. After CHASE bought out WAMU I ended up having 2 credit cards with them. I owned used and paid in excess before the due date every month for 4 years. Just recently I went to get text books online with one of my credit cards and when the payment didn’t go through, I called the company. Turns out they closed my account without consent or notification saying that it had to do with my credit score. My credit score has fluctuated between 720 and 780 all my credit life. Also I asked if they had also closed my other account. They said no. I asked them what my APR was after finding my next payment to be doubled. They had upped my APR from 9.99 to 29.99, because I had missed one payment in 4 years. I promptly closed my second account with them, which may have been impulsive but it sure felt good. Is there no legal recourse?

  19. On 7/25/09, I went to purchase a toy gift for a baby’s 1st Birthday. At the register, my chase/wamu would not go through. Being puzzled, on the next day, I called Chase Customer Care line 800-945-2000 to find out what the issue with the card was. I spoke with an (Supervisor) who told me that they closed my account due to a credit check and an open balance. Okay if that being the case!, then
    My issues with that are:
    1. The open balance in question was present on my credit report (being and still being disputed) before they decided to opened my account. Why not decline me initially..?
    2. I made "NO" late payments on this card, not even once; and back in April of this year, I paid off all open balances at that time. NEVER DELIQUENT
    3. According to Chase, they randomly closed my account on 7/21/09 and mailed a letter on that date, which as of 7/26/09, I still HAVE NOT received by mail. So I had no prior warning or notification.
    4. How am I suppose to build my credit and become a better citizen of the United States, a country of "change" and opportunity if the credit card company just decides to close the account of a good paying creditee..?
    I’ve done all I can and work hard to make my payments in the time frame alloted and it’s discouraging and heart-breaking for a company to close your account when you’re making ALL the payments on time and staying within the guideline(s) the credit company provided.
    PLEASE, let me know if there’s anything that can be done. My attempts are to speak for those citizens of this country, who are hard working and pays there debts on time, BUT still fall a victim of this corrupt credit system. IT IS NOT FAIR and ONLY benefit the "Elite". I thought this was a country for the people..!

  20. I had a wamu account to.. payed it every month. never late.. or a missed payment.. got a letter the other day they decided to close my card out.. now look people iam not to smart but i do know that is not right… just think if i would have tryed to use it… on this small beach i live on.. everyone knows each other… yes put my head down.. people would think i dont pay my bills. but after all they did me a faver i dont have to hear from CHASE ever.. i will keep making my payments like i did befor… piss on them

  21. oh ye one more thing.. i have 2 small cards i used for travel.. no problems with them,, think about it small is some times better then big.. oh well showed me..

  22. I would advise that no one uses Chase Bank. They have so much non-value added waste in their processes it is no wonder they needed government money (and they are still making a profit). The majority of their CSR’s have no idea what they are talking about and I have spent hours being bounced back and forth from the same two departments (neither that I needed or requested). At any rate, I have taken my banking elsewhere and suggest everyone does the same.

  23. Regarding Chase credit card…
    I paid my bill in full before it was due last month. I checked it today just to make sure they weren’t pulling anything funny. Because I hadn’t used the card in months and months. I had carried a balance though, as I was paying off all my debt. Low and behold, I had a balance today. Finance charges, fees…wtf?? I called and requested they reverse those charges as I paid online and paid the balance total in full that was on the screen way before it was even due. They refused. So I told them to close my account and take me off their mailing lists. I then went online and paid the account in full yet again. This is one credit card company that needs to be a thing of the past, the way they conduct their business and handle their customers is disgusting. And hello…. can anyone really understand what they are saying half the time?

  24. On top of that, the ‘supervisor’ I spoke with actually asked me when I told her I worked in banking and that we worked with our customers as best we could on a regular basis, she said ‘you even reversed fees?” HELLO! Yes, when it was needed to keep that relationship and continue to build a good relationship with our customers, yes…we would refund fees. How can chase advertise they have the best quality customer service when clearly that is a just not true?

  25. Without getting into details, I had a number of issues with Chase so that I stopped using the card and intended to cancel the card. The customer support suggested not to close the account in order to take advantage of the mile program, but avoided to mention or remind (apparently is in the agreement you need the microscope to read and a week off from work) that an annual FEE is in place for keeping the program active.

  26. Do your best to pay off and close out your chase cards. Watch as even if you pay it off they charge interest two months after the balance is paid off and they say that’s on the balance, the balance paid off two months ago. So your interest magically builds up even with zero balance. This is extortion because they know if you don’t pay they’ll blemish your credit ratings. Worse than the Mafia.

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  28. I just received a Chase CC which I aplied for as a result of their promotion offering 5% cash back on certain purchases. When I activated the credit card and tried to access the promotion I was told by a Chase representative that this promotion was not available on my account. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told by her, that they have done away with the promotion that was the reason that I had signed up for this card in the first place. Talk about a bait and switch. Jamie Dimon and his whole crew at Chase are real scumbags.

    On the positive side, there is no annual fee and since I will never use their card, they can eat the maintenence cost of my account forever.

    I have been a Costco Amex card holder for 25 years and they are actually reputable, and give 2% back on purchases I would highly recommend.

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  30. chase sucks i paid my credit card the monthly dues online and they ended up taking 2 transactions one for the amount that was due and one the current balance that wasn’t even due til the next month overdrafted my account

  31. TERRIBLE is all there is to say. Honestly. I had a problem with a payment date for which cost me over $200 and all they have to say is that’s our system. We get millions of checks a day. I guess so. I sure wish I got millions of checks a day so i could do whatever the hell i wanted to and tell people that’s just how we do. Honestly what a piece of shit

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