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Embarrassing Idiot Moment

I was having breakfast in the lobby of the lovingly eccentric Fox Hotel in Copenhagen this mrning, wondering why the staff didn’t answer the particularly loud and annoying phone that rang the entire time.

When I heard the same electronic ringing tone in the elevator, and then in the hallway outside my room, I thought that perhaps one of the hotel alarms had been triggered.

When I got into my room and heard it I realized I’d set the wake-up alarm on the cellphone strapped to my hip.

My only question is: On whom can I blame this? I’m thinking Dick Cheney, and I’m open to suggestions for possible causal chains. [Tags: ]

6 Responses to “Embarrassing Idiot Moment”

  1. Happened to me last week. Sat in a fairly empty train carriage, I was just beginning to get annoyed with the tinny music being played through the speakers… then finally realised the noise was coming from my iPod in my bag. :-)

  2. Love that. Reminds me of the time I sat in a library listening to an interview on some headphones when I noticed that everyone was looking at me strangely. It was only when someone politely pointed out that the headphones weren’t plugged in that I realised my own embarrassing idiot moment.

  3. Wow. Synchronicity. Yesterday I was washing the car and I heard the sound of an ice cream truck going by. But I wondered why it sounded like the ice cream truck was in my pocket. Duh.

  4. LOL!
    You seem a very funny person, self irony is a rare quality these days :-)
    Hope to stumble on you at Reboot.

  5. I had my car alarm remote ring in pocket and I wondered whose annoying cell phone it was. And since my cell phone is usually off, when I turn it on and it rings, it often takes me a while to realize that noise is mine.

  6. Please, add “Bush” and “CIA” to the tags… If Cheney was behind what happened, these two must have known something… :)

    Thank you for making me and my wife laugh!

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