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Zogby’s electoral college map

Zogby is now publishing an interactive map of the US showing what its polling predicts as the electoral outcome in the fall election. Click on a state to get a brief, snappy explanation…except for Massachusetts, which isn’t clickable, possibly because what explanation do you need for it being a blue state beyond the fact that it’s Massachusetts?

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3 Responses to “Zogby’s electoral college map”

  1. Let’s hope Zogby’s predictions hold!

    The state name for Massachusetts is clickable, but the state itself on the map is not. Zogby had this to say about our fair commonwealth: “A rout for Obama, but even here seniors prefer McCain.” I wonder if there is a distinction between “seniors” as a general category and those who consider themselves “young at heart” with respect to their presidential preferences?

  2. Ah, thanks for the pointer to the clickability. I still prefer my explanation, though :)

    Maybe we need to start measuring people in Obama years. E.g., “I am 80 solar-cycles old, but I can see stirrings of peace in the world, so I’m 23 Obama-years old.”

  3. I like your explanation better, too. Signed, A 10-Obama-Years-Old :-)

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