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Obama’s speech

I choked up merely reading a transcript of it on my cellphone on a bus.

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Must-see photo, shared by Dave Winer. Click on the largest size your bandwidth allows…

8 Responses to “Obama’s speech”

  1. it was really strange here in berlin today,
    I ve been in many political rallies of several kind
    but it was just something totally different
    almost 10% of the crowd was american
    and around 20% was german
    the rest was basically from every single corner of the planet
    as is the city by the way

    personally I didn t know how to listen to it
    since it was not a rally for any specific issue
    nor something related to our history
    the faces around where smiling to a certain degree
    but mostly thinking
    that is may be the word that best describe it
    a thinking crowd
    when obama arrived with the motorcade and all the rest
    there has been cheers and screams
    but almost suddenly the entire place went silent
    and remained silent till he finally came out
    and trough all the speech
    it was almost like a new form of communication
    people gathered together to listen to a world analysis
    by someone that may end up with a lot of power in it
    we all listened carefully and then just went away
    mumbling about what he said
    and what we were all doing there
    it made sense, it really did
    but it is still difficult, at least to me,
    to understand in which way

    may be “new” is the word

  2. Thanks, Gianluca. It’s great to hear from someone there. Very interesting and nicely put. — dw

  3. thank you for this space David, as always ))

  4. I was very fortunate to have been there yesterday, it was a great experience overall – checkit: PHOTOS HERE


  5. This is very intresting article :P

  6. I was very fortunate to have been there yesterday

  7. thank you for this

  8. That’s very useful, thanks a lot.

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