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Alone and clickless

I’m on a working vacation for the next few days — who’s counting? — in the lovely but rain torn Berkshires, in my family’s ramshack (is that the noun form of ramshackle?). My wife is away for the day, returning tomorrow, so I’m alone.

I spend a lot of time alone. I’m an introvert, so I like it, perhaps too much. But, like you, I’ve gotten used to being alone in a sea of clicks. Click and I can browse. Click and I can see what my friends are doing. Click and I can respond to what’s being written. But here we have no Internet. I am alone and clickless. And feeling it more than I would have thought.

Relax? I’m not tense. Take it easy? I’ve been reading all day. If I’m going to be alone, I’d at least like some reading that I can talk back to…

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6 Responses to “Alone and clickless”

  1. David – read about “noe web day” – I think it’s part of the current round of the internet malaise to have no effective way to escape it.

    I would recommend the postcard as the antidote (instead of email), or a nice pad of paper to twitter into (and then crumple up without sending).

  2. can you do 48 hours ?
    that would be a nice challenge :)

  3. Edward and Gianluca, I hear what you’re saying. You’re telling me I really ought to get a satellite connection to the Internet. But you’re saying it in secret code. Got it!


  4. For when you can click again …

    … the Berkshires is a lovely place to be clickless

  5. I’m in town at an Internet cafe that also sells coffee (although they foolishly bill themselves as a cafe that also gives away wifi) and took a look at the comic. Very droll :)

  6. There are a few other places in the greater Berkshires that have free wifi–you just have to look hard for them. Unless you’ve figured out how to live without it by now! I think, after four summers singing at Tanglewood with the BSO, I’ve indexed them all.

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