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How students participate: a proposed sxsw panel

Here’s a description of a panel, from an email from Alex Leavitt:

I, along with Tim Hwang (Harvard ’08), Christina Xu (Harvard ’09), and Diana Kimball (Harvard ’09), have been formulating and developing plans throughout the summer for blogging groups, ROFLCon events, Free Culture activities, and SXSW panels.

The panel is titled “Blackboards or Backchannels: The Techno-Induced Classroom of Tomorrow” and its public description from the SXSW website follows:

The traditional classroom: obsolete? Teachers brandish chalk and Powerpoints at students who prefer debating on IRC rather than IRL. How do kids want technology integrated into the curriculum? The students speak out: to debate the potential for Wikis, backchannels, and social tech; interrogate some teachers; and argue for a r/evolution in teaching and learning.

Want to vote this panel onto the South by Southwest agenda? Go here

(Alex archived the very interesting IRC backchannel chat during a Digital Natives discussion at [email protected].)

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