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Model bodies

Check out NaturalMotion’s show reel for Endorphin, software that models the human body without using motion capture devices. Given sufficiently fast processors and ample memory, it was just a matter of time before algorithms started out-doing putting tracing paper over matter.

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  1. Soon anyone with the time and the motivation will be able to make their own feature length computer generated movie.

    I noticed Lucasfilm didn’t use motion capture for their upcoming animated “Clone Wars” movie (judging from the trailers). In fact, they’ve really saved costs in a lot of ways (recycled soundtrack, unknown voice actors imitating the original live-action stars). All they had to do was slap on the well-established “Star Wars” brand, and they’ve not only a cheap money-maker ready to go, but also a great vehicle for leveraging merchandise sales (everything from action figures to Wii games).

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