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Tips that made me go D’oh! #8567 & #8568

#8567 If iTunes — one of the least intuitive user interfaces around — isn’t transferring podcasts onto your iPod (which, except for the wheel, is a UI so badly designed that your first instincts are almost wrong):

1. Click on your iPod in the “Devices” section of iTunes

2. Click on the “Podcasts” tab in the window on the right. (See here for instructions and a screenshot.)

3. Click on “Sync”

4. Click on “Apply” in the bottom right.

5. Smite your forehead and say “D’oh!”

(I’m not proud of this. It just never occurred to me that syncing podcasts would be off by default. And I had always clicked through the very top level of the device, not recognizing it as a preference pane. Hence the self-inflicted D’oh!.)

#8568 If you are using Firefox and want to quickly scroll among the many, many, many tabs you’ve accumulated, install the add-on All In One Gestures and set the mouse wheel preference so that you can then:

1. Position your mouse cursor over any tab.

2. Spin the wheel away from you.

3. Watch the tabs fly by.

4. Spin the wheel towards you.

5. Watch the history of your tabs pass before your eyes.

4. Smite your forehead and say “D’oh!” [Tags: ]

4 Responses to “Tips that made me go D’oh! #8567 & #8568”

  1. Funny I could just tell how the ipod worked without thinking about in regards of the wheel, but maybe it depends on the person. As for the Sync, intutive no, but once I connected and it didn’t happen I looked for it and found it pretty simply.

  2. uhm, I have only had an iPod (bought used, video iPod model) since December and I just… sometimes I just don’t get it. not that I don’t GET the UI but, rather, every time I update my software I seem to lose some useful feature, and the bastard becomes harder to work with. Freedom of movement of information just gets more and more constricted. not to mention my laptop died so all the songs were just trapped in my iPod, which I then eventually had to erase adn sync, then a break-up occured and I was stuck in the same situation with my iPod synced to me Ex#s iTunes, dramarama
    When I first got it I could actually drag and drop the files to and from iTunes, then I updated the software and now I can ONLY sync and can no longer play FROM the iPod while it is connected to the computer, literally: wtf man? It has become so frustrating that I mainly just use it for podcasts now anyhow. (Which isn’t so bad, actually…)

  3. Ha yes Jobs is a tyrant. He has been removing as much functionality as he has been adding over the past 5-6 years.
    I agree with david the itunes interface is awful.
    Jobs has a lot to answer for in terms of locking people into tethered systems who’s design and conquer approach is almost worthy of false profit-hood.
    I wish that stuff didn’t bother me sometimes and i could just play with the pretty toys

  4. “D’oh: the Sequel”
    byyy the way, my flatmate just imparted some ridiculously simple yet useful information regarding Firefox: “if you are researching a certain topic and you have all these different tabs opened on the same time you can just go to “Bookmarks” and save the tabs all together as a Bookmark.”
    -how cool is that?!? and why didn’t I know about that YEARS ago? (“D’oh!”)

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