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I like Biden, but his Net policy sucks (apparently)

Declan McCullagh has the goods (apparently) on Biden’s tech and Net policy record. It totally sucks and is completely out of step with Obama’s. Thankfully, Obama’s not appointing Biden as head of the FCC.

I like Biden as a VP pick. He’s prepared in case the unthinkable happens. He’s got some real values as a person. And I think he brings not only foreign policy experience but also some bluntness to the campaign. But, have I mentioned that his Net policy sucks? (Apparently?)

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3 Responses to “I like Biden, but his Net policy sucks (apparently)”

  1. Seth, I have added “apparently” in your honor. I’ve also heard some other complaints about Declan’s piece.

  2. Blah.

    Biden is little more than a legislative drug mule for the RIAA.

    My fear is if he’s willing to do the RIAA’s bidding for the right price, what other corporate groups could buy his services?

  3. Somehow, and rather mysteriously, Seth Finkelstein’s original comment (to which my comment was a response) has disappeared. I don’t know how. I apologize to Seth. Here is what he wrote. Please pretend it was the very first comment posted:

    David, Declan McCullagh is the guy who fabricated the Al Gore “Internet” smear. For a while, he promoted himself based in part on what he did there. Whenever he writes something, it’s time to buy a salt-mine. There’s undoubtedly some facts in the article, but his numerous and extensive agenda-driven distortions mean you should NEVER EVER assume what he writes is accurate.

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