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DNC chat again tonight

Last night’s IRC chat party was fun. I’m going to set up a room again tonight, starting at 8pm EDT, so we can watch the Democratic convention together: irc:// (If that link doesn’t work for you, you’ll have to download an IRC client. I use Chatzilla, an add-on to Firefox. Once you’ve installed it, plugging the URL into Firefox’s address bar should launch Chatzilla automatically.) (Dave Winer also had a chat going, at #dnc08.)

See you then!

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One Response to “DNC chat again tonight”

  1. Excellent talks last night and tonight at DNC. Hillary spoke so clearly and supportively of going forward to win back the white house. We need policies for the majority of Americans not the rich oil men and elites.
    With better solar research and wind energy we can employ folks to make cleaner energy. Health care coverage is absolutely needed by all Americans. Let’s think about the majority and the less fortunate. No we shouldn’t go shopping we should get out of debt, deepen our values and add meaning to our lives.
    Obama & Biden 08

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