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Obamemes for tonight

Care to predict Obama’s memes for tonight? The aim of the game is to anticipate particular phrases or turns of idea he might use.

For example:

John McCain will undoubtedly use images of this very event against us. That’s because when he sees tens of thousands of Americans eager to participate, eager to pick up the tools to build a better America for themselves and for their neighbors, John McCain sees celebrity. As I look out tonight, I see democracy.

The McCain campaign’s first reaction to my selecting Joe Biden as my running mate was to air an ad that shows Joe disagreeing with me during the long primary season. I truly thank Senator McCain for that. I’m proud that I can talk with people with whom I disagree, that I can listen to them, that I can work with them. Why, John, I even look forward to working with you. You are going to be a very important senator in the Obama administration, and we’re going to count on your support in building a bi-partisan agenda to rebuild this country.

There are 75,000 of us here tonight, tens of millions at home watching on TV, and millions and millions online, watching on the Internet, and undoubtedly chatting with friends and strangers around the world. Now, a few weeks ago, a senior aide to John McCain said that Senator McCain “is aware of the Internet.” That is totally acceptable for a candidate for the presidency of the United States…in 1992. But it simply is not acceptable for a country that wants to regain its leadership in the global economy.

Your turn…

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5 Responses to “Obamemes for tonight”

  1. All three memes feature John McCain and his campaign prominently. I would prefer to see some memes that do not reflect and magnify the opposition, but rather, point to what we can expect to see form an Obama administration. For example:

    – a United States that works in harmony and in accord with its friends around the world

    – A United States that believes the lives and the well being of each of its citizens is important

    – A United States that understands the importance of acting in an environmentally way and that is committed to reducing its own impact on the planet and helping other nations reduce theirs

    – A United States that believes in the spread of democracy and human rights by force of its own example and its own commitment to personal liberty and freedom from oppression

  2. Stephen, me too, but the point isn’t to write his speech. It’s to predict memes he might actually use. I’ll edit my post to try to make that clearer…

  3. 45 years ago on this very day, dr. martin luther king jr expressed his vision, his dream for the progression of our country’s humanity.

    tonight, with the support of millions of americans — from the south side of chicago to the rural plains of montana — i am living proof that hope springs eternal; that we can make anything a reality if we believe and work hard enough… together.

  4. My predictions are:
    ‘Democracy is a journey and we came a long way in our history, but there is still plenty of opportunity to improve our nation, to connect the way washington works with what the people want from their government’

    ‘together we can reclaim our democracy and stand for our values for an economy that is not run by big corporations agenda but by the needs and dream of the american people’

    ‘our land and our planet needs us now, we have to roll up our sleeves again and find a new way to inhabit this earth that gave us so much, now it’s the time in which we can switch to a life style that is sustainable for our children and grandchildren, our commitment will be heard around the world and we will lead again for a new leap in human history. The time is now’

    my hope:

    ‘We are a vibrant and diverse society that have roots in every corner of this planet, we have been blessed with a land that nurtured our democracy and allowed dreams and talents to flourish. Our power comes from our openness, from the unique opportunity that people from every religion and every culture had in shaping their lives in freedom and their search for happiness.
    We cannot afford any longer to set ourselves apart from the rest of the world without loosing our exceptional place in the history of mankind’

  5. Rough quote:
    “Shut up and sit down so I can talk”
    — Pres. Bill Clinton after a 10 minute standing ovation

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