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Those who are not convinced won’t be convinced.

Those who are convinced are struggling to remember similar moments.

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5 Responses to “Convinced”

  1. It didn’t strike me as impressive, just a typical political moment, right from the John Edwards school of oratory. But these things aren’t supposed to change minds as much as cement the loyalty of the converted, and on that score it was a success.

  2. I think it will change some minds. Those who think of McCain as a hero and deserving of the Presidency and who have not thought about , or heard, his positions might have been surprised at some of them as outlined by Obama. Some might not have realized how out of touch McCain is. Some might see in Obama a person of a background similar to theirs (even if their ethnicity is different) who will better represent their own issues and feelings. I am hopeful.

  3. Richard, my friend, I have to disagree with you.

    Obviously, if the speech didn’t impress you, nothing I say about it will. But I don’t think it was intended primarily to cement loyalty. It was intended to a large degree to bring over those who are undecided or whose loyalties to McCain are wavering. If Obama were simply trying to fire up the troops, his rhetoric would have soared more, he would have eased up a bit on the attacks on McCain, and he wouldn’t have addressed the specifics of his platform (well, as specific as you can get in a speech like this). It seems clear to me that he was making the case for those who are not yet committed to him and his vision.

    In so doing, of course, he gave supporters a deep joy that still has me weepy. I am sodden with hope :)

    I’m curious, Richard. Care to disclose which way you’re leaning in this election?

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more, David. I was very impressed with Mr. Obama’s speech last night. I think he was appealing to the undecideds and letting ordinary Americans know he’s one of us. He’s got my vote!

  5. I’m leaning toward England, David. The nation is doomed if either McCain or Obama wins the election. The old guy is mentally ill, and Obama is a member of the corrupt Chicago machine. So either way, America is in for some hard times.

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