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What’s worse than lying to smear an opponent…

Q: What’s worse than lying to smear an opponent?

A: Smearing him for supporting a program that the smearer probably himself supports.

Here’s the sex ed bill Obama voted for. It includes teaching abstinence and making all sex ed age-appropriate. For kindergartners, the aim is to encourage them to report inappropriate touching. Which part of “Protecting our kids from sexual predators” do you object to, Sen. McCain?

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3 Responses to “What’s worse than lying to smear an opponent…”

  1. Where is the mainstream media–except for op ed columnists, are they all ostriches? They want Obama to waste his time counteracting lies. He needs to focus on the economy, global warfare, disasters of the last eight years . . .isn’t there any truth requirement for political ads? any standard of honesty for journalists?

  2. I believe in taking action. Here is my humble attempt: (a Fake Sarah Palin blog, that’s all about truth)


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