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McCain oversighted the economy

Yesterday, Sen. McCain was on the TV and said to Harry Smith

The point is, I was chairman of the commerce committee. Every part of America’s economy, I oversighted. I have a long record, certainly far more extensive of being involved in our economy than Senator Obama does.

Wow. This seems both to be an in-context quote and remarkably dunderheaded. McCain just shot the entire “experience” argument in the face.

Yesterday was a long day of gaffes and inadvertent truths for the McCain campaign. May the unraveling begin! [Tags: ]

Here’s a 4 minute NPR piece on Obama on the economy. The piece is not very substantial, however. More horse racey.

2 Responses to “McCain oversighted the economy”

  1. He meant to say that he “overlooked the economy.”

    His staff also claims that he invented the Blackberry.

  2. Apparently he wasn’t on the Senate’s grammar committee…. shouldn’t he at least claim to have overseen the economy, not oversighted it?

    And who the heck wants to claim to have had any leadership whatsoever for our economy after the past few days?!!!!

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