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Semi-open course from Harvard — View it while you can!

Harry Lewis is the Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science at Harvard, a former dean there, a Fellow at the Berkman Center, the author of a terrific book about Harvard (“Excellence without a Soul” …ouch!), the fiercest critic of what I’ve been researching recently, and a person I like a lot. He’s also a co-author of Blown to Bits (blog).

I say all this because Harry is teaching a course at Harvard called “Life, Liberty and Happiness after the Digital Explosion,” which, by weird coincidence, is pretty much the subtitle of “Blown to Bits.” Until the enrollment period closes (probably pretty soon), you can watch a videos of the opening course session (requires the Real player). Harry was given title “Harvard College Professor” because of his excellence as a teacher.

O, if only open courseware were the default!

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3 Responses to “Semi-open course from Harvard — View it while you can!”

  1. I read Blown to Bits a while ago. It’s a good book. I find it a helpful description for how management happens in many different contexts…such as churches. Yes, I know. One trick pony am I. But it’s been very helpful…

    …drive by charity
    …worship shifting to the only tangible focus
    …electronic community and communication not simply the norm but perhaps only reasonable mode of communication
    …church top-down structure is no more effective than Coke’s.

  2. That’s a different “Blown to Bits.” Harry’s just came out. Harry’s is what you need to know as a citizen to make informed judgments about tech.

  3. Aha…I’ll check it out. So confusing. Both are from Harvard, too.

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