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Open up the debate

Here’s an idea I’m taking from a mailing list. I’ll check with the guy who posted it [Later: It was John Laprise] to see if I can credit him, but I’m sure he’s ok with the idea itself being circulated:

Obama ought to counter-propose that instead of postponing the debate, it ought to be changed to a debate on the economy, and opened up to public questions, as a way for the candidates to address the concerns of citizens.

Nice idea.

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4 Responses to “Open up the debate”

  1. This is a bad tactic by McCain, but there’s no way Obama will take your proposal. Why? Because without a teleprompter, he can’t string words together in a way that make sense. He seems to be mostly incapable of dealing with unscripted speech.

  2. Here is a comment I posted in a newspaper comment section today about this:

    As we said in high school ((46 years ago) he chickened out! Unbelievable. The Republicans won’t let their VP candidate speak, except under limited circumstances, their Presidential candidate wants to delay the debate, their President was invisible for the first 3-4 days of the crisis… It goes on and on. Get them out of there!

  3. James, excellent! Please continue to lower the expectations for Obama.

    We supporters of Obama thank you for your outstanding missionary work on his behalf!

  4. the best comment I’ve seen around today
    is from a girl that says she and her boyfriend decided
    to go for Halloween as McCain and Palin

    unpredictable freak-outs is getting my nerves,
    8 years in a row now

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