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2% chance of a debate and falling?

Whatever happens with the budget agreement, I can’t imagine that McCain’s going to agree to debate on Friday after taking himself out of three days of debate prep.

Well, we’ll see.

And if McCain is a no-show, don’t we hope and assume that Obama will take questions from the audience (at home and in the venue) for the full span of the debate?[Tags: ]

That Friday: I was wrong. I didn’t think McCain would so blatantly change his conditions. Foolish me.

4 Responses to “2% chance of a debate and falling?”

  1. The scheduled debate is about foreign policy, which is perceived be an area where Obama is weak. If McCain is willing to give Obama 90 unrebutted minutes to challenge that perception, then his campaign must be in truly

    McCain will show up for the debate, and then his handlers will say “He did exceptionally well, considering that he spent all that time in Washington doing the people’s business while Obama was practicing politics as usual. If only Obama had put his country first and agreed to reschedule the debate, then McCain would have been better prepared”.

  2. Even if Obama just stood at his podium and tapped his foot and drummed his fingers it would send the correct message of commitment and dependability. Unfortunately if Obama does use the time as an open forum then McCain will demand equal time to stage his own media event. This is actually an astute move by the McCain camp to “jerk his chestnuts out of the fire.”

  3. In italy, the neocon like government, 3 years ago, arrived to change the electoral law right 2 months before electio,
    shaping it up right as they needed,
    it ended up with a first 50%/50% parliament that made the left government basically powerless,

    I m not sayin it will happen in the states
    but it does look like they are ready to erase any conventional form to avoid giving up their power
    I hope I m wrong

  4. If this is supposed to be McCain’s strong area, why does part of three days make any real difference in his knowledge, I would say.

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