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I voted for Obama!

A happy day! I voted for Obama! Right next to the slightly scary, life-size cardboard cut-out my daughter gave me!

me and my cardboard pal

close-up of marked absentee ballot

Happy, happy day!!

PS: I tagged the photos “ivotedforobama” at flickr. [Tags: ]

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14 Responses to “I voted for Obama!”

  1. The very best you could do!
    MAy your wish come TRUE!!!!

  2. God Bless you

  3. I’m glad you voted for Obama, but I hope it doesn’t become a trend for people to post photographs of their own filled-in ballots to the Internet.

  4. And I thought you had a personal visit from the Senator because of your blogging! Maybe later.

  5. mee too! just dropped my absentee ballot in the mail – (it is weird how completely different yours looks- and no first names?- then again I#ve never seen an official ballot outside my state….)

    dann lass uns jetzt die Daumen drücken und warten

  6. […] David’s encounter with Cardboard Obama with McCain’s. Even David’s startling smile outpoints McCain’s “Say […]

  7. I also voted early for Obama, just yesterday in fact I received my ballot and sent it the same day. For a moment though, I wanted to mark the circle next to Ralph Nader’s name.

  8. I voted for obama today, my first time. Im so excited for him to win on tuesday. except i live in florida with all of these stupid cubans.

  9. I’m voting for Obama Tuesday!!! Can’t wait.

    check out these shirts I’m making if you’re interested. They are a huge hit!!!!!


  11. Not even a week after the president election the blond topblogger from Sweden, Linda Ekholm speaks out loud about Obama!
    And I really believe this is truly written by heart. Scary!

  12. Do you regret it?

  13. Not at all, Shelly. I don’t agree with everything he’s done, but I am very happy with President Obama. I don’t know anyone I would rather have in that role.

  14. Well, I gotta say, sir, you got some cajones. I like a guy who owns up to his mistakes, but there’s no reason to post such a foolish mistake on the intertubes. I mean, I don’t see a picture of every scary woman you ever slept with. How can you still be proud of this.

    Let’s just say I hope you now realize that your messiah is a Stalinist academic whackjob.

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